Saturday, 28 April 2012

Heartfelt thoughts .

So guys , 
do you wanna know the good news first , or the bad news
Both the good and bad news doesn't really affect you guys , but the bad news affects me a lot
Well , let's just talk about the "good news" first then (: !  Good news is .................. MY PACKAGE FROM TMART ARRIVED ! ♥ 

I ordered a 22 piece make up brush set in pink + a 88 eyeshadow make up palette :

It' really looked like that and even better !!! ♥
See , when it came one of the color was broken . I think it was broken during the shipping ):
BUT FIXED IT  ! Looks much neater right ^^
 It's easy to order from almost
any online shopping sites as long as you have PAYPAL . Paypal is easy to use ,
as long as you're 18 years of age , you can sign up for a paypal account ! Of course , I believe there are other payment methods as well ! :D

With the items
I received from Tmart , of course I started using them and see if it's good !
So , I tried "Rainbow Eyes" make up which is inspired by Michelle Phan . Enjoy the photos ! (I DON'T CARE IF YOU WOULD FREAK OUT OR GET NIGHT MARES)

 Ok that's just a random photo of my dog ♥

Anyway , "bad news" . 
It's just that when my school started , which was not long ago in MDIS .
I thought I found a friend whom I could truly talk to and pour my heartfelt thoughts to him . Yes , it's a guy . A guy who isn't popular nor handsome . I was so fascinated by the fact that each time I see him in the lecture room , he is always so concentrated in his work , doing whatever the lecturer instructed us to do . I thought , maybe me and him could be great friends . (Was naive then)

Remember how I said
I would prefer people who are of more low profile ? I just maybe get along with them better ? I always have this weird impression of people , and his was surprisingly good . Some friends around me do know that I'm quite fond of this guy . I've answered Formspring questions regarding this guy , yes it is the same guy . I'm not in love with him , neither do I like him in this bf/gf way . I wouldn't say that won't happen in the future . But it definitely seems more unlikely now .

Around February ,
I started talking to him on Facebook . (YES I INITIATED , already a big move for me cause I usually DO NOT) . We hit off , pretty well I guess ? But we're just two VERY VERY different people . I couldn't understand him . He listens to songs which were like .............. more instrumental I guess ? I didn't liked those sort of songs at first , till he introduced me "My immortal" . And I fell in love with this song and listened to it everyday .

But just about a month
ago till today , he's ignoring me . GOD KNOWS WHY HE IGNORES ME .
I felt so fucking furious . We used to talk , even though not in real life , but we talk till late at night , maybe not significant to him BUT definitely significant to me . Simply because I felt it was so much easier telling him my heartfelt thoughts to than anyone else . But he disappointed me so badly . He just ignored me for a MONTH PLUS . WHAT HAD I DONE WRONG ? I was so furious and upset . Correction : I AM STILL FURIOUS AND UPSET . 

This matter
lingers in my mind every single day . Always asking myself what had I done wrong to lose a friend like him . Today , he's going for the A7X concert (I heard) . Past few weeks , I tweeted him on Twitter , facebook chat him , NO REPLIES . He obviously seen it . So last night , when I saw him online on Facebook , I took every ounce of my courage and started a chat with him , I told him why is he ignoring me cause it's so hurting !

He only replied , just this afternoon ,
saying "huh , what ignore?" . I felt so upset , why are you acting like you don't know anything and being so oblivious about it ? It hurt me so badly because I thought I found a friend . Imagine how it would feel when he's friends know my conversation between me and him . And of course , all from the same school . Guy's gossips too . They might just probably think I'm trying to disturb him or what wtf . Make me feel so shitty .

Sharing on my blog feels so much better , goodbye everybody .