Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What should I do ?

Tell me who can I go to ?
5 minutes ago , I woke up from a nightmare that's related to my boyfriend .
I remember the exact nightmare now , I quickly got up , saw the photos on my bedroom wall and said , "Adam will never do this to me" 

I charged my phone , 
got on facebook and I'm hurt like fuck now . My boyfriend just changed his cover photo to him and another girl , and he has a check in at Macs with that girl 4 hours ago with people asking him to last long and he said thank you . I am hurt like fuck I swear but I've got no one to talk to . Somebody please save me from this agony .

And that girl ,
she claimed that Adam is her boyfriend . And Adam telling everyone else that she is his girlfriend . The only time in my life where I just really hoped my mom could take me away . I'll go through any pain in exchange for being unconscious . I would rather die being his than to die having my boyfriend snatched away and dumped . I did all I could . I am willing to go through anything for him . I still don't believe he's like that , he will never . Please please please mom ? Change my fate and let me leave and escape from this please ?