Friday, 22 June 2012

Some unglamorous photos for you ?

The interesting thing about having a Blog , Twitter or even Facebook is that , 
you're not afraid to share your thoughts with people online . There's no boundaries at all . You know people are reading and looking at what you're thinking , some agrees , some may just be like "this girl is a shallow fuck" or maybe out there criticizing you . But you get your point across , sometimes when we share thoughts in our own little space online , there are actually people who thinks exactly the same way as us . People with a different kind of opinion , and thoughts that people thought about before but NEVER had an answer to it . 

And here I am , 
sharing my thoughts here with you guys all the time .
Maybe not a significant number of you , but I see no harm in sharing my thoughts and experiences here with you guys . Be it good or bad . Sometimes I ask myself , do you guys still type "kittyvonnc.blog........" to read when you guys are bored ? And click on my Nuffnang ? Haha , I'll cherish this group of you (: 

I was sort of  emotionally broken
for the past few days and living everyday like a lifeless zombie , really . I haven't been sleeping or eating well at all . It's so tough for me because I have to act in front of everyone else like I'm fine and worst , TRYING VERY HARD to lead my life as per normal everyday . It's not easy . You guys ever had someone in your life that could affect you tremendously ? Like they are your motivation and strength . And when they're gone , you are REALLY FUCKED . Like you're aimless , and have got no idea what to do at all . Trying to gain back their attention and be a selfish little fucker that just wants them all to yourself . And in return , you give them your love , your trust , your faith and the fact that you WILL be by their side no matter what . And giving up anything for them , was no problem at all .

Then , I remember a sentence that 
people ALWAYS say , "don't get too attached to someone because when they leave , you don't know how you're gonna live your life normally anymore" . I can't deny that this sentence is true , however that also means controlling your feelings right ? Controlling your feelings so that you won't grow too attached to someone .  I absolutely hate that idea . I don't wanna do that just because I am afraid to fall and get hurt . I just wanna let my feelings run , and TRUST SOMEONE WITH ALL MY HEART . I don't want any barriers in between me and another person . I don't like that feeling at all . I wanna trust that the person will not leave and be happy that's all . I don't wanna spend my entire life time DOUBTING and living in fear that hey , this person might leave me . Isn't life tiring like that ?

Undeniably , no one trusts another person
100% . Would you trust someone with your bank account ? Your life ? Allow them to take photos of you naked ? Would you trust them to these extend ? I reckoned that most likely , you wouldn't . People always trust to a certain extend and to what ? Example , I can say I trust my friend that she will not kill me , but I will not trust my friend that she wouldn't leak out secrets that I told her years ago .

I was just feeling horrible
and I myself , convinced myself that I needed to go out to distract myself . Which I did , and then decided to ask Ginity out since she's always free for me . The plan of distracting myself definitely failed , BUT , we still managed to take some photos anyway !

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Don't know what Ginity laughing at HAHAHA
It's so hilarious , that day when we went Vivo , 
this italian dude came to flirt with us twice and omg can't describe . I think my boyfriend is much cuter than him LOL . Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn , people you love is always the best and always the "number 1" in your heart isn't it ! ♥

As I'm using the laptop to blog , I don't have photoshop in it
so I can't use it ): . Only can use Pixlr to edit the colors ! So please do not mind my fat cheeks !!! EMBRACE IT . LOL
Fat cheeks alert ! But I still love this photo a lot actually (:
This one was the day at NEX

And yup !
We had our Breakfast/lunch/dinner at Long John Silver ! 
Can't help it but to take a photo with the chocolate cream cake ♥ ! The packaging is super cute and surprisingly it's damn delicious ok ?! I don't often eat chocolate cake , but this is so nice , the cream just really melt in your mouth ! Like the Chinese saying , "入口即化" ! If I ever pass by LJS , I WOULD BUY THIS AGAIN JUST FOR MYSELF ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

She must be staring at some hot dude

Cake cake cake ♥ ! Missing it  already !!! ♥♥♥♥

I was wearing pink booties that day !
I was smiling damn awkwardly , I was then telling Ginity , 
"Help me take some nice photos ! I wanna take nice photos for my viewers !"
But then I realized , if I'm really not happy , the smiles I give just don't look genuine at all . Don't you think ? 

Love the effect of this one actually

Yes this is my boyfriend Adam , he got a Hello Kitty tattooed on his puzzles for me ♥ ! How sweet
 If you don't understand the meaning of puzzles , here's what I mean  :
Yes cartoons all over his puzzle !
See his right hand .
This was while having his Hello Kitty tattooed
 His tattoo artiste is Kelvin .
If you wanna get a tattoo done , consider looking for him on Facebook "Kelvin Cappascore" !

Dad gave me a brand new lap top , he bought it at IT show recently but decided that he doesn't need it so gave it to me ! Thanks dad !

Ok this is just a random photo after I got home from school , love the contacts that's why !

Sometimes , it's really better to have a friend , pour out your feelings to and cry , than to cry one day and realize you don't even know why you're crying any more . If you get what I mean .