Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pink Dip Dye ♥ !

So I've been dying to blog about this !!!!
If you guys had followed me on my Twitter , Instagram and friends/subscribers of my Facebook , you would have known that I had my hair dyed ♥ ! I LOVE HOW MY STYLIST STYLED MY HAIR . It's really amazing ! Many of you guys had asked me where did I do my hair and by WHOM ? You'll find out in this blog post ! 

So that day , on the 20th of September I had an
appointment with Chapter 2 ! They've outlets all over Singapore . If you read my blog , you would know I've always gone to the Bugis outlet . But sadly Bugis' outlet of Chapter had moved to Marina Square ! I went there that day , feeling scared , excited and anxious ! I was hoping my stylist wouldn't say a "NO" to the color I wanted to dye . Because the other time I went , he didn't allowed me to bleach my long hair ): .....

BUT THIS TIME WAS SUCH SURPRISE AND PLEASANT ♥ ! By far the best appointment I've ever had with Chapter 2 ! My stylist took SIX HOURS to complete my hair . THANK YOU

Check this out ,
I reached there with my messy hair tied into a ponytail and fringe clipped up . I can't bear to look at my awful hair ! So I just tied everything up , because if I let it down , it probably look really really awful . My hair was in a horrible condition , so is my face ................. aha

Not to mention I was actually late for the appointment AHA .

Christy accompanied me to Chapter 2 and she had her hair done by my stylist too !!!
(Picture shown below)

Over here below , the one managing my hair is Jeft Chang .
He's the key stylist in Chapter 2 , super friendly , he was literally playing with my hair . It was such enjoyable hair appointment with him , love it ! ♥ 

He looks young , right ? He has been working in Chapter 2 for 8 years already ! 
He did well in studies , but he stopped everything and went ahead to do hair styling since that's where he enjoys and it's his interest ! 

One more picture before any chemicals lands on it again ! 
See , I told you my hair was in a horrible condition .................... aargh

I went in to the Salon , sat down , 
Jeft attended to me and asked what I wished to do to my hair . And I just replied , "I wanna dip dye my hair , PINK . The rest of the colors , I'd leave it up to you to decide . I trust you" 

So of course , I didn't know how my hair would look like . 
I didn't know what colors he was gonna choose . E.g , what color what he choose to dip dye pink over ? I was anxious ! And crossing my fingers that it would end up good ! And I was elated that he didn't stop me from bleaching my hair since pink requires bleaching ! 

So then he tied a small portion of my hair at
the top of my head , secured it into a bun . I wonder what he was doing ! And he said he have 2 colors to surprise me with . Of course , one of the colors would go onto the bun he created . (Picture as shown below) 

I was so curious ! Wondering what color it could be /:

The bun I mentioned above !

Right now you may ask .....
So which is the other color that Jeft promised to surprise me with ? 


It's the color he's gonna have it dip dyed pink over with .
As you can see from the picture below , the dye looks pink . I THOUGHT Jeft got it wrong , since I thought it was pink and I wanted dip dye , not dye . But then , I was wrong ! It actually isn't pink , it's the surprise color he promised to do for me , the color that pink is gonna be dip dyed over . I was excited to see how it would turn out !!!

The color finally came out ! 
First surprise for me was over , the surprise color was DARK RED .Which means it would be pink dip dye over dark red ! (Never expected that at all) LOL . Then he went on to bleach the bottom part of my hair to get them ready for the pink dye ! ♥ 

Jeft was actually quite worried
that my hair would be very damaged after the bleaching , but when it's done he was surprised that my hair wasn't as damaged as he expected it would be ! Picture shown below .

Not only my ends were bleached , 
I was shocked that Jeft bleached PART of my fringe too ! Not all , but part of it . So there I could sense Jeft was trying to be creative with my hair already hahahaha  

Right after bleaching my hair , 
Jeft went on to dip dye my hair pink ! I actually wanted light baby pink , but Jeft suggested not to as it fades extremely fast and probably wouldn't suit my skin tone ! So I asked him to do whichever pink he thinks suits me :D 

(Jeft was right , even till today my pink dye is still fading , 
it sometimes stains my clothes , nails , bathtub and even pillows aha)

He dyed part of my fringe pink too ! 

And then finally , he dyed the portion of my hair which he tied into a bun .
He actually mixed the color himself ......... so meticulous hahaha . It was actually dark violet - like ! A very dark color ! HE EVEN SNIPPED AWAY AROUND 4 INCHES OF MY HAIR ):
Since he said I would look better if my hair was shorter in length . So well , I listened to him and allowed him to cut my hair .

And here are the end results !!! ♥ 

Hahahaha as you can see from the picture above , 
it's filter are from Instagram ! I was loving it so much that I just quickly took a snapshot and posted it on my Instagram which links to my twitter for you guys to see ! Even Facebook LOL .

Thank you Jeft , for the amazing job done !

That wasn't all though ...........
Jeft started using my Canon 600D DSLR to take photos of me LOL hahaha

After leaving Chapter 2 happily , 
I went to meet Kaiming at his lion dance troupe for awhile , headed off to Ang Mo Kio Hub to meet Ginity ! Some of you guys saw me and send me sweet Facebook messages complimenting my new hairstyle , thank you ♥ ! 

It was rather late by then , 
so Ginity and I decided to head off to Hong Kong Cafe nearby my house ! We had supper there

I swear this one tastes superb , Thai tofu !!!!

Back view of my hair for you guys to see ! 

I got more than what I asked for ,
happy with the new hairstyle . Can't wait to try some other colors in the future with Jeft ! This hairstyle could cost you guys around $400+ , applies to all hair length AND if it is done by my stylist ! (extra info for you all)

That's all on the day at Chapter 2 , direct your questions to my Formspring , follow me on Twitter | Instagram | GifBoom at @kittyvonnc ! Love you guys , have a great day ahead ♥ !