Monday, 20 May 2013

Hada Labo ♥ !

Sponsored Review

Yes it's Hada Labo today ♥ ! 
Hada Labo is one of the products I love and I've been dying for them to sponsor me ! Hada Labo have been around for quite some time and you can't deny that many people around you guys have been using it . Their products have been recognized and proven to be effective , most importantly , Hada Labo's products are always 'user friendly' . 

I like to recommend what's best to 
my readers . Which now , I am doing so . All of us girls wants to have our face really fair , because being fair has been sort of what everyone thinks looks good & beautiful . Including myself ! I want to be fair too , I always look for options around me to see which is effective , affordable & doable (reasonably normal) . So yeap , Hada Labo has it ! 

It's the number 1 BEST selling whitening lotion in Japan by Hada Labo ! 

A little more information about this product
besides being the top selling whitening lotion , together with the NEW Nano formula , it aims to moisturize (deep hydrating) , brighten (repairing our skin) & most importantly DOUBLE WHITENING our skin ! Which means , it gives us THREE BENEFITS in just one easy step ! So how do they do that ?

In Hada Labo whitening lotion ,
it contains Arbutin , Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid ! Firstly , Arbutin is an extract from a natural bearberry plant , in case you don't know how it looks like , you can google it . And according to Wikipedia , Arbutin is indeed a ingredient from the bearberry plant that is a very effective skin lightening agent . Arbutin is then used to enhance skin fairness , helps fight dark spots , smoothes & clarifies to optimize our skin's radiance and translucency . Therefore in conclusion , Arbutin is a very effective and needed ingredient in this whitening lotion which allows our dull skin to be renewed to reveal clear , fair skin :D

Also for Vitamin C ,
it is a commonly used & famous ingredient used in many whitening products ! If you do take note of ingredients used in whitening products , Vitamin C would be there most of the time . Not only does it enhance skin fairness , it also repairs dry & dull skin that is caused by exposure to UV rays ! Which explains why sunblock always has Vitamin C . This is important especially that we live in a really humid country .

Hyaluronic Acid is to hydrate our skin intensely ,
keeping our skin soft & supple . You wouldn't wanna use a product that's too strong that your skin loses moisture & loses natural skin texture isn't it ? Hyaluronic Acid would help to fix that to give you supple skin !

Review :
 Since quite long ago when
I received this product , I've been using it regularly & honestly , I love how simple & convenient it is ! It does not have a particular smell at all which is good , no skin irritation for me at all , my skin seems to absorb the formula really fast !!!

As for the results ,
I wouldn't say that my skin was immediately fairer , but my skin definitely felt more supple , which is quite shocking , Hada Labo REALLY WORKS to achieve that . It comes in quite a big bottle as shown in picture above & I thought I had to use a lot of it each time , but to my surprise , NO . I only had to use minimal of it & it spreads really well all over my face ! I typically like to apply a little under my chin as well (:

Super easy to use ,
just apply it onto your face after cleansing , twice a day . Which explains why many people say that it is perfect & simple ! Personally , I encourage all of you to use this as a long term skin care product . Before I accept this sponsorship , I did ask on twitter if I should and if any of you would be interested and some of you told me that Hada Labo is good ! I don't regret using it , thank you guys and I hope you guys would continue using Hada Labo .

For those who had never tried
Hada Labo products , you can redeem a FREE 20ml travel size bottle of Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion & Cleansing Oil samples at Hada Labo(sg) Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/hadalabosg) !