Sunday, 12 May 2013

She's one year older !

Guess who turned one year older ? 
Not me of course , I am not born in the month of May ! It's my beloved eldest sister who's 27 this year . And yeap , of course we went out for dinner with the rest of our family & some other friends despite the fact that my sister doesn't live with me . 

Outfit that night

Eye Makeup !
I didn't choose the location for dinner ,
but well here's what the birthday girl chose !

We came here ! As stated , it's Korean BBQ Buffet (:

Surprisingly they had Tomyum soup there O__O NOT KIMCHI SOUP . But Tomyum .

Ming shan & I (:

Dad took this picture , can't help but to make some funny faces !

My dad just has to pose whenever I'm taking a photo of him , 63 this year but he still loves to look good !

Harris & Fiona ~

I had to post this picture , I know my dad wouldn't want this online cause he thinks he looks hilarious here ! But I wanna post la , cause I find myself looking better here LOOOOOOOOOOL *thick skin buey paiseh*

Hmm dessert after eating ! Wasn't that satisfying though .

Top Left to Right : Brother , Dad , me
Bottom Left to Right : Harris , Fiona , birthday girl & Mike !

Top Left to Right : Brother , Amanda , me , Dad
Bottom Left to Right : Harris , Fiona , birthday girl & Mike

LOL EVERYONE'S LAUGHING IN THIS PICTURE ! GUESS WHY ? Notice that my father isn't in this picture ? That's because he was the one taking this picture , AND his cap blocked my camera's flash while he tried to take this picture . But my camera wouldn't be able to snap this pic if his cap is blocking it , but main reason why we're laughing it's because HE DOESN'T NOTICE IT ! ALSO , this same thing happened before during my birthday dinner last year !!! HAHAHHA click HERE if you wanna see the picture to my birthday last year when all of us were laughing as well (I censored my face in that photo because it's so fucking unglam when I laughed like nuts)


Top Left to Right : Brother , Amanda , Ming Shan , me , Dad
Bottom Left to Right : Harris , Fiona , birthday girl , Mike

The Father & Son The two men that I'll never leave .

Picture with dad
Let me side track a bit : I really super love my dad . Was experiencing an excruciating pain on my back earlier on this afternoon & my dad happened to come home & when he noticed I was in pain & tearing , he quickly wiped my tears and offered to bring me to the doctor . I know that's what every father would do , but I just wanna say , I really appreciate all the little things he always do for me .

Back to topic . After dinner , all of us came back home & did the
cake cutting ceremony and the birthday song as usual . P/S : I do not really encourage anyone to go to the restaurant we went because for buffet , they have EXTREMELY LITTLE variety & food isn't that good . Lot's of bad points but I'm not gonna waste writing all that crap in my blog so yeap ! But if you like going , then ... that's your business .

Me with my furball

Alright , that's about all !
Just a casual post & ending it with a horrendous picture of myself ............ HA HA HA .