Monday, 25 August 2014

Planning to take a diploma/degree ?


Honestly , I've never liked studying . 
Even up till now , the only reason why I'm forcing myself to attend to school is only because of stereotype that one would never make it in life if you do not have a cert . As a student , I've always felt that most schools focus only on your academics .

Do any of you feel this way ?
Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motion or trying to live up to expectations that was never yours ? Because I do .

However , my whole perception
of education changed when I attended an informal event hosted by M2 Academy last week at their campus located in the heart of the city :

M2 Academy is located at Orchard Gateway @emerald where they take up levels 8-11 ♥_ !! 

So anyway I was really excited when I 
reached the reception at level 11 , they actually prepared refreshments for me and the other bloggers while waiting for the CEO of M2 Academy to give a speech and tour of the campus :D 

Omggggg look at all the food (though I know that's not the main point) HAHA

Once slice of pizza bigger than my face HAHHAHAHA . 有够大方的咯![SUPER GENEROUS LOR]
After getting to know the other 
bloggers and crazily eating all the food when the most of the other bloggers are actually just chatting and all but I just kept eating and eating HAHAHA the CEO arrived ! Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , deng deng deng deng , here he is ! : 

Hahaha , that's Mark ! 
I actually asked him if there's any meaning behind 'M2' and then he told me it's called M2 because both him and the co-founder of the school are both called Mark HAHHAHA . So cool ! But anyway that's not the point , because while listening to him give his speech , that's where my perspective of education changed . Completely O_O . 

I'm extremely impressed by his 
vision of M2 ; how he's able to think for the student's well-being and not just be like most schools in Singapore , where at the end of the entire course , all you walk away with is a piece of paper (certificate) .

He said , "Everybody has potential" and that's 
where I instantly felt soooooooo strongly about this issue of WHY are schools always so focused on just the academics and not helping their students to discover their passion ? HOW can results prove a person's worth ? But in M2 , that's where they're different . 

They place great emphasis on 
helping their students maximize their potential . Being a student myself , I could totally relate and somehow felt extremely thankful for the existence of M2 Academy where they look pass our academic achievements but see us for who we really are ...

As a student , I hardly interact with
anyone in school and sometimes I just feel so alone because it's just sitting in classrooms , listening to lectures , having breaks in the canteen and going home , BAM , THAT'S IT . At M2 Academy , I no longer need to worry about this :D !!

They adopt an open concept 
whereby students from different courses get to interact with each other on a daily basis as they have this 'common area' in the middle of all the classrooms where you can chill , hang out , study etc like this :

Looking so comfy and chill :D ♥ !!!!
They also have electrical sockets
everywhere near the seats around the common area just so you can use them which is so convenient !!! Not to mention , they also have free WiFi for their students with easy or NO passwords because Mark thinks having to type in long passwords for WiFi is simply stupid LOL . So thoughtful :D

Every table has it's own LCD screen which would be used for case studies :D

In M2 Academy ,
they encourage group work which is important as working in the future most likely requires team work and it encourages bonding and interaction amongst group members . Also , as you can see in the above picture , all of their classrooms have glass panels all around to allow natural light to shine in which is proven to greatly improve the ability to focus and absorb information in lectures . If the sun is too glaring , there , they have blinds ^^ !

They're technology driven and
everything is digitized . Instead of typical lectures , they provide video lectures , personalized guidance and interaction with students which benefits both the advanced/less advanced learners !

Many people only pay lip service
 to how they will provide students with what they need but over here , M2 Academy make sure that everything they have are to be available for their students . Moving on , I saw one of their auditoriums and whoaaaaaaaaa I'm blown away by the amazing night view and city lights just right outside ♥_

Check out this view ! Amazing to be studying in the heart of the city with this view right ?

According to Mark , 
he said he put in a lot of effort and took a lot of time to find an ideal location for the campus and finally he found this which is very impressive to me , because in all the lecture rooms that I visited , the view outside is just terrific and it's so convenient to get to the campus via public transport already ! 

However , what I'm more impressed
with is the intention of why Mark wanted this location . He wanted to provide a very friendly environment for the students where it doesn't just feel like 'school' because "location creates a campus environment" , where you can head out to shop , chill , eat or even catch a movie etc etc anytime before/after school or during breaks ! Meeting up with your friends or hanging out with your school mates are made so much easier for a M2 student (:

So I'm sure I've got you 
intrigued on what courses they provide right now . Just to name a few , they provide diploma ranging from Engineering , Business to Arts and also Bachelor of communication and media , Business , Commerce so on and so forth . There are still many other courses they provide out there !

M2 Academy is in collaboration with
the University of South Australia (UniSA) where they're recognized globally as one of Australia's rising schools . Also , 70% of their lecturers in M2 actually hold doctorates with experience in their respective fields .

After all , M2 Academy
provide more than just education , it is also about interacting , bonding , finding friends and ultimately the value is not restricted to just the piece of paper that you'll get after graduating , but also feeling as though you're part of something which you would hopefully take on to the rest of your life . 

As a blogger , whatever I've said
is nothing but the truth . I'm truly impressed by M2 Academy's vision , it's location , facilities and how they encourage people to fight for what they want . My experience with them enlightened me sooooo much about the education system in Singapore . I personally am really inclined to study there and I do recommend M2 Academy to those who're planning to take your diploma/degree . If you think this is the school for you , why not head down to M2 Academy first to check it out (; ? 

OH YES !!!!!
Here's something exclusively for my attentive readers :

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3 months worth of Spotify PREMIUM account for FREE as long as you mention my name , 'Chrysan Lee' when you visit M2 Academy Campus ! However , only while stocks last !!!!! So hurry ! It doesn't hurt to pay a visit at Orchard Gateway @emerald which is just opposite Somerset 313 , no ? HAHAHA :D

Before I end this blog post , 
here's a instavideo of a mini quick tour of me at M2 Academy last week :

M2 Academy is located at :
218 Orchard Road #11-01
Orchard Gateway @Emerald
Singapore 238851

Click HERE to visit their website and HERE for their Facebook Page .


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