Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ultra relaxing day !!!

Super happy today ! Shopped at Space Invasion , packed my room and am now blogging in a clean and neat room hahahha . It's been since I last sat down like that to blog , it feels so good ... to not have as much things to do , to just chill with your favorite songs playing in your room , do your favorite thing , sleeping without alarms waking you up hehe . It's a good day !

And yes I love you hahaha
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ! This set of photos were taken around Dhoby not long ago with Lindsay though . Like I said , I headed to Space Invasion Mega Sales today and whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa check out the queue ! : 

The sales started at 1 PM and
I reached around 3 plus ?? But there was still such a long queue and Space Invasion was filled with so many shoppers grabbing for stuffs !!!! I still remember when I was on my way to Space Invasion this afternoon from the MRT station , I already saw many girls around the area with the SI shopping bags and I felt sooooooooooo proud of Space Invasion ♥ !!!!!! But I was mostly feeling super kanchiong and kiasu cuz I thought all the chio clothes gone already !!!!

So I rushed to SI like mad HAHAHHA .
But guess what , they restock every 30 minutes and since I didn't have to queue , I managed to get quite a bit of stuffs ! I carried two big bags worth of clothes , shoes and accessories home hehe omg major love the items I got today !!!!!! Will feature them in my upcoming haul video ^^ ! Oh yes ! And if you wanna go , please head down tomorrow ! It's the last day and please support Lindsay and Audrey's rack !!!!! They have super nice clothes there :D 

Most of the clothes at SI 
today are ranging from $5-$15 ! Super cheap LOLOL which explains why I bought sooooooooooo much . Aside from doing my shopping , I was super super happy to see my friends there too :D My manager , the bosses , the SI staffs etc omg love them ♥ Therefore ......... SELFIES : 

SELFIE WITH THE AMAZING CROWD HAHAHA . Sorry I've no idea where's my chin ):

With 疼我的 Jasmine ♥ !
 Super rare chance to take photos with her HAHAHA .
Everyone was sooooooooooooo busy and of course I didn't get to have a picture with many others but oh well at least I get to see them today ^^ !!!

Pretty Joanna & Jocelyn ♥ !!!!
 Joanna has this default
bitch face when she's working etc HAHAHAH . I still remember how I didn't even dare to ask her questions the first time I saw her at SI ... but we became friends ♥ ! Damn poor thing today , didn't say hi to her again until she's having lunch break and eating her chicken rice at the counter hahahha super cute ! And Jocelyn was sooooooo nice too ♥ !!!! I was grabbing clothes in SI and she would be right beside me whenever I need help , 谢谢你 Jocelyn ♥ !!!!

Wish I get to spend more time 
with them though ! Wanted to stay awhile longer to help out but I felt damn thick skin HAHAHHA and paiseh la ... I would probably create more mess than to helping so ... got heart can already right ? LOLOL . So anywayyyyyyyy Lindsay came back to SI to find me after her lunch (she was even editing my video for me during lunch , always so nice to me T_T !!!) and after we're done with our shopping at SI , we headed to the place where we went last month ..... 

-throwback pictures that Lindsay took of me-

-end of throwback pictures-

We went to THIS cafe , 'My Art Space Cafe' because we only took photos around that area before (like the ones above) but we never headed inside . However , I'm damn damn broke these few days already HAHAHHA so we only ordered a few items to share with each other & it was Lindsay's treat ♥ ! I LOOOOOOVE the ambiance there soooooooooo much and I kept telling myself , when I get my pay soon , I'm gonna go there again and it'll be me treating Lindsay :D #promise #whoeverreadthispostshallbemywitness

Yay ! Goodie bags from Space Invasion :D

Love this cafe

Nowadays ever since I came back
from Bintan , I only apply CC cream when I head out ... and I don't wear my contact lens anymore ... I feel so weird and ugly without my foundation and contact lens !!!! I keep thinking that I look uglier now and that people around me will judge me and all LOL . Even though Alicia say I look sooooooooo much better with just CC cream and how Lindsay always tell me she doesn't even realize I didn't wear my contacts , I still feel so ugly . And I would have to rely on photoshop to make myself look better lolol ): Do I look weird ? 

Anyway , their food .
I swear I would order their sandwich when I'm back there again . SUPER SUPER GOOD . Especially their egg mayo sauce and all really damn nice !!!! I love the greens too hehe . However , their brownies are disappointing ): .... I'm gonna be back to try their Carrot Cake since it's sold out . In a whole , I love this cafe and I'll definitely return for their food and ambience :D

Keep taking pictures until ice cream melt already also haven't eat HAHAHHA

I just feel really happy now I guess ...
That I'm doing something I like and being able to come home today feeling less stressed up as usual with extra time to blog makes me feel soooooooooooooo fucking blessed . Having friends around me who's ALWAYS there during my tough times (':

I guess the only thing I can be sad
over right now is that I've yet to meet my Mr right or at least Mr Flirt HAHAHHA . I do feel lonely at times ok . So it's only natural for me to wanna have someone around at least hahaha . Oh and I haven't seen my bro since he book out from camp 2 days ago ): ....