Sunday, 6 May 2012

It's Love .

Hello my loved ones , 
my blog is NOT dead . Neither is it ever gonna be . 
I love my blog really much , I write practically almost everything in this space . And , I love you guys too . People who reads this blog and never left . I treasure each and every one of you who brought me to this level of having opportunities in this advertising world . Working hard for exams .

I promise in the next
blog post , I'll tell you guys about my life in the past till now (might be wordy) AND (already drafted)
 When I didn't update this blog and I desperately want to , I thought to myself , am I gonna lose readers ? Are people gonna forget me ? Definitely people are gonna forget me . I mean some just forgets me so fast , and I HATE IT . So what If I'm attention seeking or what . But thank god , my readers still maintained :D 

I really need to head to 
Chapter 2 soon , fringe getting long and had to pin them up . See : 

Fuck it , I just love to take photos , live with it ! 

First thing I'm gonna be proud of and share , I WATCHED AVENGERS !

 Not a very proud thing to say ,
but still proud because I've been wanting to watch ok ?! AND NOT EVERYONE IN SG WATCHED IT YET , SO STILL GONNA TALK ABOUT IT EVEN IF YOU WATCHED IT HAHAHHA . The Avengers is an AMAZING movie . I watched it in 3D and it's marvelous ! It's fucking funny , and you just won't stop laughing , and pretty interesting too . But apparently people say that 3D and non 3D didn't make much of a difference .

BUT , I beg to differ ,
IT ACTUALLY DOES ! Cause guess what , when one of Loki's creature(whatever you call it) , flew past the screen , I GOT A SHOCK . CAUSE IT'S IN 3D . And it was so embarrassing because I sort of ..... jumped ? And I was desperately looking left and right under the 3D shades to check if anyone noticed how I got shocked . Hahahha fucking funny , but heng no one saw my reaction .

****Loki is the main character of the bad guy****
Here's how ugly Loki look like(I actually think he is quite handsome leh) :
Such a cute guy , why go become such a evil person and wear ugly looking costumes ????
I don't know if any of you share
the same thinking as me , each time I watch shows with all the "evil" people , I would tend to hate them a lot and curse them all the time . And even though they're just acting in that show as a "evil" person , FOREVER I will remember this actor as an evil bastard . HAHAHHA . Bad , I know , but don't you guys feel the same sometimes ?

The Avengers trailer HERE if you wish to watch it .

I watched it
at Cineleisure , (SHIT PART COMES) , me and my friends were supposed to meet at 4.30PM at 313 Somerset . BUT , I was the only one at that time and I waited at Somerset MRT for one whole hour just to wait for Ginity to come . And waited for Adam to wake up as well . Norahim joined us later on though .

I initially booked 3 tickets online ,
$15 each . And because Norahim wanted to watch as well , I went to the ticket box office to buy one more ticket on the spot . But in the end , I wasted $15 because Adam woke up late and couldn't make it in the end . I felt so upset he wasn't able to join us , but straight after movie , he was at Cineleisure already and we all just headed to KFC to have our dinner . (Which was my breakfast wtf)

EAT KFC , CAUSE KFC IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE NICE . But wtf ............ the chicken totally tasted fucking weird , like sour ? Just doesn't taste right and totally lost my appetite and didn't each much in the end . Felt so cheated )-:

Everytime I look at my unphotoshopped nose I feel like I'm voldemort .

This is Adam , yes la I xmm edit his photo ok ?!

 From what I know and heard ,
Cineleisure is a place where most young people hang out . It's cool and wouldn't be boring if you can play pool , sing at Kbox , take neo prints , shop(not much) , have dinner I guess ? People stay there the entire night just sitting down there . Immediately after dinner , I FELT SO FUCKING BORED . How do some manage to stay there the whole day without doing anything at all ? And I see numerous amount of tweets saying , every Friday and Saturday it's a must to head to town(which is Cineleisure) , I MEAN , WHY ?  It's really boring to me because I'm someone who can't stand staying at a spot and doing nothing .

I kept complaining like a princess(HAHA) and finally
 headed to Crown Pool at SCAPE instead , they were all playing pool while me , sit down and watch them play . Though still quite boring , at least there's aircon HAHAHA . If you're wondering why I don't play pool , I'll say well , I'M SHORTER THAN THE POOL STICK . And I've absolute NO clue about pool at all . I always secretly want to learn , envy people who are pro at it . BUT , I just can't bring myself to , self esteem super low .

Time passed really fast ,
 Christy and her boyfriend Mike , came to fetch me and Ginity from Cineleisure and we headed to Sapphire at Jewel Box . At that point of time where I reached Sapphire , my Dad was at Cineleisure's Kbox and I didn't know HAHHAHAHA .
At Sapphire .

Christy and Mike , today 06/05 is her birthday , definitely gonna be a celebration !
After some time at Sapphire , we headed to a
pub at Dempsey Hill to meet up with my dad and their friends , they pour us Chivas , we pour it away . Not cause we didn't appreciate it , we just don't wanna drink anymore especially when we already had a good amount of alcohol at Sapphire . Planned to go Shanghai Dolly after that but didn't in the end  , so we went  home . But of course , Ginity's with me ! Forever staying at my house hahaha .


 He always go to pubs , clubs for leisure with his girlfriend .
Remember the Kitty event @ Powerhouse ? He went !

And yes ,
I was wearing this top :

Which I get some comments saying that I'm too exposed .

If people wants to judge me from what I wrote it my blog , I took it down and I'm fine with it .
Why judge what I wear ? I know whatever I do , people will still judge , so judge all you want :D
Because haters will never be satisfied(go reflect on yourself) , and supporters will fight the battle with me .

A topic that I really wanna talk about soon , is how we girls look at our ex .

Thank you anonymous ♥

I feel like shifting to .com as well .
Which means it would be kittyvonnc.com instead of .blogspot.com . Is it a better idea ?


SO WHAT IF I WEAR THICK MAKE UP ANYWAY ? :D I love thick make up and I'm fine with it . FOR YOUR INFO , My make up base only consists of BB cream and foundation , because I do not use concealer , I hardly use eyelash too . So how ? YAY , THICK MAKE UP AND I LOVE IT , FUCK YOU JUDGMENTAL FUCK .

 Gonna reply to Formspring questions later ! Love the comments :D

Thanks , goodbye ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Here you go , and unphotoshopped 100% clean picture of myself , YOU HAPPY ?

p/s: Don't read when you're not interested , annoys me hahaha .