Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Happy doggo!

Sponsored Review

HUGE HUGE shoutout to www.kohepets.com.sg
for pampering my pup with super great products! If you're looking to get pet supplies, you should DEFINITELY check out Kohepets because they feature over 6000 pet supplies on their site and delivery service!!!! :D ♥

 Having a dog is like raising a mini human-being to me.
He gets annoying and sometimes acts like an absolute bitch when he raises his tail to let out a fart in my direction. But despite it all, I love him. He's been with me for more than 10 years now and I take whatever he uses very seriously. So rest assured that I will be very honest with you on this despite it being a sponsored post. :D

First off, I didn't just send Kohepets a list
of the items that I want and have them send it over to my place. I did exactly what a regular customer would. I went to their website, browsed through their items, placed an order and had a first-hand experience.

Was the website user-friendly? Definitely.

I know 6000 over pet supplies
in a single website can sound overwhelming and messy, but no, everything is very well organised with products categorised accordingly to the types of pets you own and what they might need, such as grooming supplies, food supplies, toys, health supplements so on and so forth.

So when Kohepets gave me the liberty
to choose whatever I'd like to have from their website, I made a rough mental list of what I would like for ahboy(my pup) and here's some of the stuff I got:

Just in case you'd like to know,
I got a variety of canned dog food so Ahboy can have them mixed with his dry ones. But leaving food, essentials and toys aside, I would like to touch on a certain product that I got here which I found very convenient LOL.


Some of you may be using the bottled kind where you have to get your own cotton pads and pour the product over just to use it. Admit it, it can get quite troublesome. BUT this two right here are wipes already soaked in solution. Every time you need a ear/eye wipe for your pup, just draw one out like you would from a tissue box!


Ignore my face for this one. I need to tell y'all, ahboy loves beef jerky so getting him the Basic Instinct Dog Treats was the right choice xx 


The Washbar Lavender Primrose Spritzer is
one of the best products I received from Kohepets, it gives him a light lavender scent every time I give him a spray. Apparently this product contains some natural ingredients that helps calm a nervous pet, but since ahboy isn't a very nervous one, I can't quite tell if it worked on him or not. Personally, I use it as a coat mist to make him smell good!!! This product can also be used on cats and rabbits, so far ahboy hasn't developed any allergy reaction toward the product.


Shopping on Kohepets
really make things easier for pet owners and even better if you already know what you wanna get because they have a proper search function at the top of their site which works perfect. And don't worry about products you're not familiar with! Each product is meticulously accompanied with their relevant information.

Before I end this blog post,
I wanna thank Kohepets for being so patient with me this whole time!!!!!
Thank you so much for all the products given to ahboy, my family and I really appreciate it and he definitely loves all the new stuff too (tail wagging and all LOL).


For Kohepets website, click HERE.
For their Instagram, click HERE.
For their Facebook page, click HERE.

You might just find what your little one needs on Kohepets!!!

I'm just gonna post happy pics of us below now bye!!!! xxx


Saturday, 17 June 2017

The best and the worst.

I remember the best thing you ever said to me. 
We just woke up and we were laying next to each other in bed and for some reason, the first conversation we had were as random as whether we should do Tokyo. We lazed for a bit and then you got up for a shower, all ready to start your day. You always get up earlier than I do. Always. 

I got up too, made the bed and sat on the bathroom
floor going on and on about whatever's in my head. It could've been politics, the messages I received or whatever I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that morning. I always pour my thoughts and you'd always listen.. even when you were in the shower watching your ugly as fuck girlfriend sit on the bathroom floor with her tousled hair and puffy eyes. 

You looked at me with your hands and shower running through your hair and said, 
"You, my girl, is something else entirely." 

That was the best thing you ever said to me. 

Now, the worst. 

There wasn't a fight or an argument. Maybe it just wasn't right from the very beginning. 
I came home one evening to what I thought was a place I did not recognise. Yes, I was warned, but my brain simply couldn't process the visuals and piece things quite right together. The facade of it, the smell, the people and the ambience. Everything was suddenly so foreign in a place I thought to be familiar with. It felt 'cold' and I was so alone but not for the fact that you weren't present. Despite the all-consuming of a mess that I had riding in my brain that intensifies every second, I appeared calm because I knew that was the best I could manage at that point. I will always give you the best of me. 

I did not cry.
I told myself I needed to have a sound mind with a clear head because one of us had to be sober. All I wanted was for you to come home so we could talk. I don't care for what things seemed to be, only for what's really going on in that head of yours, through your eyes and perspective. After what felt like hours, you finally walked through the door, I hear your voice and I felt so relieved.. but only for a moment, because the minute you came into the room in the way you moved and the way you looked at me.. it all SCREAMS negativity. You lied through your teeth. You wanted me gone. 

"I thought we were the same. Turns out, we are worlds apart."

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Squeaky clean face!


Omg I'm finally having some time to myself to blog about this!!!
I'm currently in Korea and I've been dying to share Tsururi's products with you guys. :D
Tsururi is a brand of Japanese skincare products and yes, they've recently brought it into Singapore and tadaa! TRIED THEM AND LOVED IT. 

Because of how sensitive and dry my skin is, 
I am EXTREMELY picky with any beauty products that I use, especially ones that have to go onto your face such as, makeup, facial cleansers etc. But, I've never really found a series of facial cleansing products that I just.. felt 'safe' with.

So when Tsururi approached me
and asked if I'd like to simply try out their products, I'm like, OK! Why not, since I've always been bouncing from brand to brand to see what works for me, no big deal trying Tsururi either. 

Tried these babies, no regrets.
One part of the reason why
 I liked whatever they sent me was because their products PROVED to work. I tried, it worked and I now feel safe to use their products on my face in the long run as part of my daily skincare routine. Tsururi aims to tackle mainly skin with oily and pore concerns using only natural ingredients to do so, but I have dry skin.. not oily. So how did that worked out for me?


See the brown dots? That's all of my excessive oil popping out of my skin after applying Tsururi's Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power.

Did I let that product sit on my skin for 20 mins?
NOPE. ONLY 3-5mins, MAX. I was with a friend when I tried it and we were both very surprised, mostly impressed because it dried up really quick, and the oil on my face starts popping just like the picture Tsururi's product packaging and I went full WTF.

To summarise, Tsururi's Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power
absorbs oily buildup and impurities from our nose and or T-zone area in 5 mins and is now priced at $12.90.

Apply it to areas where excessive oil could be a concern! Perhaps the T-zone? For me, I decided it'll be the nose area. 

For the curious ones, here's a clearer picture of it's consistency before it all dries. 

Of course, Tsururi got your back
on your everyday facial wash, feat: Ghassoul White Clay Paste! ♥

It's funny that I actually had the most
fun with the facial wash. It gives me a certain sense of satisfaction whenever it just foams up after a few lathers beginning with what feels like a very light formula with smooth consistency:


The best part about Tsururi's
facial wash is nothing about it's smell or whatever I just mentioned, but the fact that it's product contains only 100% botanical cleansing components aka au natural! It's creamy lather helps to cleanse deep into pores after a long day every day without fail xx
This product is currently priced at $12.90.

Not sure to make things more interesting
or to take facial cleansing to another level hahahhaa Tsururi have their very own Face Pore Cleansing Brush! Yup, you'd seen it: 

This picture REALLY do not do justice to how smooth the brush actually is. So check out the video below x 


Aside from looking cute,
I believe the brush assists in deeper cleansing for your face. This brush has undoubtedly ultra-fine tip bristles for a more thorough cleanse without hurting your face, it's currently priced at $18.90 per brush! x

And every once in awhile, always end off your skincare routine with a mask pack! Featuring Tsururi's Mild Sea Clay Pack. ♥ 

I use this one when I think
it's the time of the week to give my skin a little treat! It's an alcohol and mineral oil-free pack that helps absorb stubborn impurities that are embedded in our pores, thus provides the effect of a smoother, glowing skin. This mask pack is priced at $19.90.

Before I tell you where you can
get them (if you're interested), please allow me to share some pictures with you so we could all take a moment to appreciate it HAHAHAHAHA


HAHAHHA nonsense aside, thank you, Tsururi for all of these. Our skin can be OK together HAHAHHA. ♥♥♥♥

Thank you Tsururi !!!
For those who are interested, the above mentioned products are now available at Watsons, METRO, BHG, MEDI-YA and TOKYU HANDS. Thank you so much for reading and I'll be back here real real quick to update some more soon ok! 

Click HERE for Tsururi's Facebook Page.
Click HERE for Tsururi 's Instagram Page. 


Sunday, 5 February 2017


I'm so excited for tomorrow!
It's so cliché but I'm gonna say it anyway... I FEEL LIKE IT'S GONNA BE A BIG DAY FOR ME TOMORROW HAHAHAHAHAHA. Important and a start of something new. :D 

I'm so excited to learn new things
and observe the creative process behind the work that we see online.
Ok Imma leave the house and buy some food now, famished! 

Friday, 27 January 2017


Some great things happened today! 

OK, the above sentence and post title was written last week or something I think.
I opened up this tab and totally wasn't expecting to see a half-assed blog post here. I think my supposed great news was.... NOT GONNA TELL YOU! HAHAHA.

On the contrary,
I'm not feeling very well now. Physically I've been alright, except I've been having diarrhea wayyyyyyy too frequently. Is 'diarrhea' not spelt like that? Why is my Macbook redlining it!!! OK I have to google it. IT'S CORRECT WHAT WHY THEY REDLINE IT.

Loooool spelled it as 'diarrhoea' and it worked.
Wtf, 'diarrhoea' is such a ugly spelling!!!!


Anyway, yea I don't know why
I keep having diarrhea. I've been having it since 12th (the night I return from Phuket). And I think it's because I've been eating a lot of foods like strawberries which are acidic and lot's of Yakult too hahahaha. Mentally, as of this moment, I'm a little exhausted.

Why am I always mentally exhausted?
This morning when I was all woozy and half-asleep, I had a word pop up in my head continuously.


The word was, 'horse'.
And then pictures of horses, big riding fields keep surfacing in my head along with BIG, BLOCK HIGHLIGHTED whitish sentence that overlaid the field background and it says,


It was just flashing and flashing!
And I know why. Because BSD's phone was bombarded with alarms and notifications and I was semi-annoyed. I contemplated whether to shout it in his face and go, 'SHUT THAT BITCH UP' - the way my mind would've liked it.

I am at my own home now.
A little affected. So I was cleaning up his place before leaving and I saw two wine glasses by the dish counter and a broken fragment of a cork on the floor mat, it's color almost blended in. Then I recalled back in the room, there was a wire for Android. Neither of us uses Android... Someone was there, in that ONE night that I wasn't with him and they drank wine. I think I'd acknowledged that some parts of him are like that (likes to fuck around, plainly said), but it STILL doesn't feel good no matter how I try to reason with myself.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


I'm terribly in need of food!
What time did I wake? I think it was about.. 2am? I can't remember. I've been awake since and yes, my body clock is officially SCREWED. Then again, this shouldn't be surprising news at all. I am just done packing my luggage for Phuket by the way!!! I'm flying off tonight, with a man I barely know, almost a stranger. (I am too hungry to elaborate on that now.) 

Meanwhile, food. 
My stomach and tastebuds are rejecting things like instant noodles and pasta. I used to LOVE instant broccoli fusilli. I don't know what happened, I'm avoiding it these days. The only thing I had since I woke was half a bowl of instant noodles. FYI I actually love instant noodles with egg. (I don't know what happened also.) Must be loss of appetite from the thought of traveling with a near-stranger HAHAHA KEED!!!


There's really nothing else to eat
at home right now and I'm dreading macs! Think I'm gonna check out UberEats, Deliveroo or Foodpanda in a bit. I have so many things to do today! Ok, actually not much. I'm gonna go run some errands today at Vivo and some Carousell dealings (selling shit) before I fly tonight at 8pm. 

And when I say errands I actually meant
buying Vanilla flavoured poo pourri so my poop smells nice and also some maternity products for my hairstylist who's now preggie! Can't wait to see her and get my hair done when I'm back to Singapore xxx 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Blogging again

I have multiple blogs.
Some private, some not. One thing they have in common - they're all older than this one.
I started blogging when I was in primary school because my teacher taught us IT classes with blogspot. 

I haven't slept since waking up
at 9pm last night.. just going through old blog posts in bed and reminiscing a lot now. So many fond memories, heartbreaks and very, very silly moments all carefully and meticulously documented. So many of which I've found myself grown and changed. 

And y'know, some of those
changes, they're really not necessarily good. I think I have become more shallow as a person, less trusting and arrogant. I cannot deny. I realized how much I've lost, regardless tangible or not. Mostly I've stopped blogging altogether. Only uploading pictures for fun once in awhile, I don't like that now. I've missed out so much. 

I want to start blogging again.