Thursday, 25 May 2017

Squeaky clean face!


Omg I'm finally having some time to myself to blog about this!!!
I'm currently in Korea and I've been dying to share Tsururi's products with you guys. :D
Tsururi is a brand of Japanese skincare products and yes, they've recently brought it into Singapore and tadaa! TRIED THEM AND LOVED IT. 

Because of how sensitive and dry my skin is, 
I am EXTREMELY picky with any beauty products that I use, especially ones that have to go onto your face such as, makeup, facial cleansers etc. But, I've never really found a series of facial cleansing products that I just.. felt 'safe' with.

So when Tsururi approached me
and asked if I'd like to simply try out their products, I'm like, OK! Why not, since I've always been bouncing from brand to brand to see what works for me, no big deal trying Tsururi either. 

Tried these babies, no regrets.
One part of the reason why
 I liked whatever they sent me was because their products PROVED to work. I tried, it worked and I now feel safe to use their products on my face in the long run as part of my daily skincare routine. Tsururi aims to tackle mainly skin with oily and pore concerns using only natural ingredients to do so, but I have dry skin.. not oily. So how did that worked out for me?


See the brown dots? That's all of my excessive oil popping out of my skin after applying Tsururi's Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power.

Did I let that product sit on my skin for 20 mins?
NOPE. ONLY 3-5mins, MAX. I was with a friend when I tried it and we were both very surprised, mostly impressed because it dried up really quick, and the oil on my face starts popping just like the picture Tsururi's product packaging and I went full WTF.

To summarise, Tsururi's Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power
absorbs oily buildup and impurities from our nose and or T-zone area in 5 mins and is now priced at $12.90.

Apply it to areas where excessive oil could be a concern! Perhaps the T-zone? For me, I decided it'll be the nose area. 

For the curious ones, here's a clearer picture of it's consistency before it all dries. 

Of course, Tsururi got your back
on your everyday facial wash, feat: Ghassoul White Clay Paste! ♥

It's funny that I actually had the most
fun with the facial wash. It gives me a certain sense of satisfaction whenever it just foams up after a few lathers beginning with what feels like a very light formula with smooth consistency:


The best part about Tsururi's
facial wash is nothing about it's smell or whatever I just mentioned, but the fact that it's product contains only 100% botanical cleansing components aka au natural! It's creamy lather helps to cleanse deep into pores after a long day every day without fail xx
This product is currently priced at $12.90.

Not sure to make things more interesting
or to take facial cleansing to another level hahahhaa Tsururi have their very own Face Pore Cleansing Brush! Yup, you'd seen it: 

This picture REALLY do not do justice to how smooth the brush actually is. So check out the video below x 


Aside from looking cute,
I believe the brush assists in deeper cleansing for your face. This brush has undoubtedly ultra-fine tip bristles for a more thorough cleanse without hurting your face, it's currently priced at $18.90 per brush! x

And every once in awhile, always end off your skincare routine with a mask pack! Featuring Tsururi's Mild Sea Clay Pack. ♥ 

I use this one when I think
it's the time of the week to give my skin a little treat! It's an alcohol and mineral oil-free pack that helps absorb stubborn impurities that are embedded in our pores, thus provides the effect of a smoother, glowing skin. This mask pack is priced at $19.90.

Before I tell you where you can
get them (if you're interested), please allow me to share some pictures with you so we could all take a moment to appreciate it HAHAHAHAHA


HAHAHHA nonsense aside, thank you, Tsururi for all of these. Our skin can be OK together HAHAHHA. ♥♥♥♥

Thank you Tsururi !!!
For those who are interested, the above mentioned products are now available at Watsons, METRO, BHG, MEDI-YA and TOKYU HANDS. Thank you so much for reading and I'll be back here real real quick to update some more soon ok! 

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