Saturday, 7 January 2017

Blogging again

I have multiple blogs.
Some private, some not. One thing they have in common - they're all older than this one.
I started blogging when I was in primary school because my teacher taught us IT classes with blogspot. 

I haven't slept since waking up
at 9pm last night.. just going through old blog posts in bed and reminiscing a lot now. So many fond memories, heartbreaks and very, very silly moments all carefully and meticulously documented. So many of which I've found myself grown and changed. 

And y'know, some of those
changes, they're really not necessarily good. I think I have become more shallow as a person, less trusting and arrogant. I cannot deny. I realized how much I've lost, regardless tangible or not. Mostly I've stopped blogging altogether. Only uploading pictures for fun once in awhile, I don't like that now. I've missed out so much. 

I want to start blogging again.