Sunday, 8 January 2017


I'm terribly in need of food!
What time did I wake? I think it was about.. 2am? I can't remember. I've been awake since and yes, my body clock is officially SCREWED. Then again, this shouldn't be surprising news at all. I am just done packing my luggage for Phuket by the way!!! I'm flying off tonight, with a man I barely know, almost a stranger. (I am too hungry to elaborate on that now.) 

Meanwhile, food. 
My stomach and tastebuds are rejecting things like instant noodles and pasta. I used to LOVE instant broccoli fusilli. I don't know what happened, I'm avoiding it these days. The only thing I had since I woke was half a bowl of instant noodles. FYI I actually love instant noodles with egg. (I don't know what happened also.) Must be loss of appetite from the thought of traveling with a near-stranger HAHAHA KEED!!!


There's really nothing else to eat
at home right now and I'm dreading macs! Think I'm gonna check out UberEats, Deliveroo or Foodpanda in a bit. I have so many things to do today! Ok, actually not much. I'm gonna go run some errands today at Vivo and some Carousell dealings (selling shit) before I fly tonight at 8pm. 

And when I say errands I actually meant
buying Vanilla flavoured poo pourri so my poop smells nice and also some maternity products for my hairstylist who's now preggie! Can't wait to see her and get my hair done when I'm back to Singapore xxx