Friday, 27 January 2017


Some great things happened today! 

OK, the above sentence and post title was written last week or something I think.
I opened up this tab and totally wasn't expecting to see a half-assed blog post here. I think my supposed great news was.... NOT GONNA TELL YOU! HAHAHA.

On the contrary,
I'm not feeling very well now. Physically I've been alright, except I've been having diarrhea wayyyyyyy too frequently. Is 'diarrhea' not spelt like that? Why is my Macbook redlining it!!! OK I have to google it. IT'S CORRECT WHAT WHY THEY REDLINE IT.

Loooool spelled it as 'diarrhoea' and it worked.
Wtf, 'diarrhoea' is such a ugly spelling!!!!


Anyway, yea I don't know why
I keep having diarrhea. I've been having it since 12th (the night I return from Phuket). And I think it's because I've been eating a lot of foods like strawberries which are acidic and lot's of Yakult too hahahaha. Mentally, as of this moment, I'm a little exhausted.

Why am I always mentally exhausted?
This morning when I was all woozy and half-asleep, I had a word pop up in my head continuously.


The word was, 'horse'.
And then pictures of horses, big riding fields keep surfacing in my head along with BIG, BLOCK HIGHLIGHTED whitish sentence that overlaid the field background and it says,


It was just flashing and flashing!
And I know why. Because BSD's phone was bombarded with alarms and notifications and I was semi-annoyed. I contemplated whether to shout it in his face and go, 'SHUT THAT BITCH UP' - the way my mind would've liked it.

I am at my own home now.
A little affected. So I was cleaning up his place before leaving and I saw two wine glasses by the dish counter and a broken fragment of a cork on the floor mat, it's color almost blended in. Then I recalled back in the room, there was a wire for Android. Neither of us uses Android... Someone was there, in that ONE night that I wasn't with him and they drank wine. I think I'd acknowledged that some parts of him are like that (likes to fuck around, plainly said), but it STILL doesn't feel good no matter how I try to reason with myself.