Friday, 9 December 2016


Okay, so, 12:50am.
I haven't been dating and I'm currently feeling quite shit ass lonely.
To make things sound more terrible than it already is, I haven't been getting sufficient sleep and maybe that's the reason why I'm even feeling slightly crappy about myself at this very moment.

You know how you
think of one bad thing that's happened to you and suddenly you're all focused on ALL the bad things? You nitpick and you insist that, yea, you're having a bad day. So this is the time now for me to, 

1. Acknowledge the 'bad' parts
2. Get that shitty things happen to people all the time, not just me.
3. If the bad things happen to me because of me and if it can be fixed.
4. Look at the things I'd done right today. 

Do I feel better?
Actually yes, slightly. Just by writing this down makes me feel a hell lot better already. 
Geez. The human state of mind can be so willed and easily manipulated at the same time!