Thursday, 8 December 2016


You know the way thoughts
just somehow (almost sneakily) finds their way deep into your head when you're doing all the little mundane stuffs? Yea, happened to me.

I was under a running shower
and wanted absolutely nothing in my head. I started to have my mind relax, listen to the sounds of my surrounding and just.. breathe. But next thing you know, my mind was flooded with thoughts real fucking quick. Sneaky bastards.

All odd questions came to me, they were so fast like flash cards.
Ok, I exaggerated. Maybe just one question. Do we love less as we grow older?

Ok, I lied again. It was more than one.
Do we lose the ability to love as we age? Is it intentional? Is it basic human instincts? The need to defend, the desire to be loved before we love? It seems to me, that the older we get, the more selfish we become - especially the part on the willingness to love and care. Does it come with time, or wisdom? Or has it got to do with the lack of courage? They're such fine lines.

Honestly, I would love
to answer all of them right now. Think, discuss and have a fucking debate within my brain. But nope! My brain is legitimately, super. fucking. fried. I haven't slept in more than 24 hours. Or like 2 days. BUT - I am happy. Like REALLY happy. So all is well. :D

 Happy days! x