Saturday, 19 November 2016

Thank you for loving me.

Oh, how I missed you! 
Trying to upload 300 over pictures onto my computer at once can be such a tedious process. 
(Not to also mention, very boring.) But yay! Happy moments deserves to be shared with everyone who chances upon this page! All the work, lil lazy editing and uploading is soooo worth it. And of all the hazy thoughts that has been swimming around inside my brain and beneath my thin skull.. I still can't quite catch the things I want to say. Like trying to catch a feather whose only fate is determined by wind. 

And to my very loved ones, thank you for surprising me year after year. For no words can ever emphasise nor delineate the enormous amount of gratitude and love I feel for each and every one of you. I am 21 now, love. x 

Happy browsing tons of silly pictures and videos that prolly doesn't make any sense to you but holds great significance to me.