Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pulau Ubin !

As some of you 
have followed me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter , you would've known I went to Pulau Ubin not long ago ! HAHAHA can I just say it was somewhat like my virgin trip there ?! The last time I went was when I'm still in primary school and the memories were sooooooooooo vague ! All I could remember was having coconut juice there lol pathetic . 

At first I didn't really
wanna go when my eldest sister , Christy asked me to join me on the trip with her boyfriend , friends etc . But I thought , maybe I should just accompany her since I hardly see her anyway . But to make things a little more interesting myself , I brought Amanda (my bro's gf) along with me on this 2D1N trip ^^ !!! Everyone partner partner leh , I must bring someone along also ma HAHAHA .

P/S : There's a video at the end of this blog post on this trip ! 

The night before heading over ,
Amanda came over to my place while I pack my stuffs & we didn't sleep till sunrise ! So we thought we would just prepare & meet my sister at Simei straight away ! And when I reached my sister's place , I initially still thought we were driving over ........ WTF yes I'm that stupid , can't blame me okay hahaha . But before anything else , here's my outfit that day to Pulau Ubin ! : 

Tied my hair into a neat bun . Wore a simple yellow based romper & Havaianas slippers hahahhaa

Oh yes and along with neon orange bag that contains just my valuables which I can bring all around with me conveniently :D
In case you're wondering what details does my romper has besides being yellow based , here it is HAHHAHA

xiaozilian123 LOL !!!

Here's another shot to what I REALLY looked like before heading off . I was holding on to sooooooooo many things even though it's just a 2D1N journey . I had my camera , backpack & handbag with me !
Speaking of Camera ,
 I actually brought my 650D instead of 7D lol . But I used the EF 135mm lens ! (Sorry to the camera experts if I said anything wrong hahaha)

Amanda & I

After meeting up with
my sister & her friends , we had breakfast at Changi Village Food Centre (I think it's called that) before heading over to Pulau Ubin ! For me , I had Lontong which I used to eat everyday back then in primary school ! And for some reason , I ordered Bandung which I don't usually drink .

As usual ,
I was sort of the last person to be done with my food ):
I know how it feels like to always be the last person to finish eating , it's like burden right ?! LOOOOOL . Which reminds me of how every time I'm the first to eat , but last to finish wtf I'm not even exaggerating x___x !

Finally after
breakfast and doing some last minute 'shopping' for snacks & big bottles of mineral water (AT ONLY 60cents) , we headed to this place (refer to above picture) , okay la it's a ferry terminal right ? HAHAHA . Yes we obviously went there to take a ferry over to Pulau Ubin !! 

We had to wait
for more people to arrive before even taking the ferry as every ferry would only leave when there's enough people , which is at least 10 person . And then all of the sudden this group of boys came and they got to leave before us just because they got 10 people lor :@ !!!!!! Damn annoying when they left they still say byebye lol show off !

Scenery while on the ferry to Pulau Ubin ~

Oh yes , over at Pulau Ubin , 
you would constantly see airplanes take off & land ! I can even see the Changi Airport & the plane always look so near hahahha . Anyway beware , below is a close up unglamorous photo of my sister's boyfriend , Mike HAHAHA .

Finally we reached
Pulau Ubin ! Helped Amanda (as seen below) took a photo of her with my DSLR . Kinda regret not taking any photos of myself with her ): Well , I guess it's meant to be since I already took so many self shots HAHAHHA super narcissist lor me !!!!

There's actually strawman all over certain places in Pulau Ubin , from far , it actually looks very scary hahahha

Yes what you looking at pretty lady ♥ ? HAHAHA

Amanda is ALWAYS giving the peace sign whenever she face a camera LOL

Finally a different pose ? Hahaha . Anyway behind is the entrance of our resort and we were about to collect our keys !!! Was super excited then .

Something random : if you're afraid of dogs , I do not recommend you going to Pulau Ubin . There's tremendous amount of wild dogs there EVERYWHERE . They are mostly relatively very friendly ^^ !!! Love them . But really , lots and lots of them . And if you feed one wild dog , the rest would come and you would be surrounded I'm serious lol .

Our laminated breakfast voucher and key to our room ! Super cutsey ♥ Was joking about how when we claim for breakfast we would ask them why it doesn't look like what it shows on the voucher LOL
We actually wanted to take the villas there instead .
Even though the villa is huge , but there's only 1 toilet , it would be quite a hassle since there's 8 of us lol . What's more , all of us would surely be wanting to shower first as at the end of the day , staying out under the sun all day is no joke . So then we decided to just take rooms instead ! Two person to one room but we have our very own kitchen area & a very very nice resting area !!! ♥ 

Amanda and my room hahhaha

It has a very very high ceiling , rosey pink painted walls with pink floor mats !! Hahaha . Can I just say it suits me LOL

Romantic lighting with pink blanket hahaha . Even though it's not luxurious but I can say that considering that it's Pulau Ubin , having such a nice place to stay is good enough ! Most importantly , it really gives off a very simple and relaxing feel there which I super love !!!

In case you're
wondering , they do provide towels but they DO NOT provide things like toothbrush  , toothpaste , hair shampoo etc . And sometimes it has cold water (I suspect the heater doesn't work at all) . They do seem to have body shampoo at in the toilet but ............ I brought my own so yeap didn't use it . I used that to wash my hands instead . There's toilet paper so don't worry !

There's a small television and a fridge . Fridge somewhat not very cold but it's fine ! The television reception is bad though , but trust me , YOU WOULDN'T WATCH . One day at Pulau Ubin is tiring enough and there would be things for you to do if you know how to keep yourself occupied and plan your day properly ^^

Yes they have small mineral water inside .

Here's the resting area I'm talking about . It is directly outside EVERY 'chalet' , it's nicely sheltered with a long table like this with 4 chairs . My sister & their friends and their own area , while this area belongs to Amanda & I ! It's soooooo comfy at night where you just sit right there , enjoy the breeze under the dim light , taking a smoke talking about life LOL

The view outside our resort . And yes , we sat by the sea at night swinging our legs just above the water , looking at the moon ♥ P/S : JUST DON'T FALL IN THE SEA

After checking in 
our own rooms , settling down , putting everything there and only taking our valuables , we went to rent our bicycles ! In Pulau Ubin , the thing that you MUST DO and spend the most time on , is actually cycling . If you don't know how to cycle , going there is a waste of time only . Unless you rent a bicycle which allows to person to cycle together , just be the one sitting at the back while your friend cycle for you in front ! Which means , you literally just relax at the back while your friend cycle for you HAHAHHA . 

We could actually
rent bicycles just beside our resorts but we chose not to because we felt the bicycles doesn't seem to be very stable /: So we went out further to the local bicycle shops in Pulau Ubin and rented better bicycles ! For me , I cycled with my sister's friend , Calvin . We took the bicycle which allows two person to ride at the same time . Of course , I was the one sitting at the back :D 

It's just been too long since I last cycled so obviously it's better to have someone to tompang me ma hahhaha . 

After cycling for 
hours , visiting ALL the temples in Pulau Ubin (there's many of it) I am extremely impressed by the scenery and the feeling that came along with it . You & your friends need not be talking , but by just cycling and enjoying the breeze ......... the feeling is just plain priceless . I didn't expect Pulau Ubin to be so huge either , we cycled most of our time there but I can safely say we were only revolving around less than half of Ubin ! However , there are signboards everywhere to direct you . I was lucky to be there with my sister & her friends as most of them know Pulau Ubin pretty well , which means we didn't waste any time figuring out where & how to go .
We had late lunch till evening at their favorite local coffee shop in Pulau Ubin , it's not very cheap but I can say it's homely ! Nice food

After lunch &
buying snacks at their local stores , we cycled back to our resort when the sun is setting . After having a great great shower , we played with lanterns just like how we do when I was younger . It's been years since I last deal with a lantern . The last time I did it was probably in lower primary . I must saying going to Pulau Ubin , taking time off city life really did made me feel so happy & gave me amazing experiences .

That's me sitting outside our resort . Again , I spammed lots of selfies !

Lepaking like a boss by the resting area . Behind is the whole 'chalet' that belongs to Amanda and I

Oh and my sister's friends were nice enough to actually reserve the pink lantern for me while I shower hahah
These are the snacks and some childhood items I bought from the local stores before coming back to the resort ! ^^

Before showering looking all worn out :@

Yes , we played
with lanterns not out of fun but it was actually the moon cake festival / lantern festival . It was said that every year on moon cake festival , it would be full moon and on that night , it was just like what the legend says !

I really
had such a great time that night .... sitting by the sea , letting the wind blow my hair , listening to soft music , taking a smoke & looking at the sky after a long tiring day . During that period of time , I was really upset over my breakup . But just being over there seems to take my mind off so many things . If I had a choice on whether I would go back to Pulau Ubin again , I DEFINITELY WOULD .

During the day ,
I even got to feed fishes and tortoises at one of the temples . Besides cycling , there's actually kayaking and fish spa available , but we didn't kayak because there wasn't enough time & the fish spa was under maintenance & that was the only thing I was upset about .

OH , I even took
self shots before I shower below LOL :

Hair all in natural curls after tying into a bun the whole day !

At night , we also
played with the sparklers I bought ! OH and we had mooncakes too !!!! In case you're wondering where we got the mooncakes , we actually brought it into Pulau Ubin ourselves . All of us sat down and had mooncakes together . Love the one in BLACK skin , it's charcoal flavored ! Too tasty and didn't  bother taking pictures hahaha 

Some of them was
drinking beer etc (including Amanda but not me because I'm a bad drinker) , while some sat down to watch The Conjuring using their laptop hahhaha . At night , Amanda & I fell asleep really quick but I woke up in the middle of the night coughing like mad HAHHAA . Amanda was so pissed she was like 'tsk-ing' while she sleeps & I even lean my entire body weight on her just to get tissue for myself which was by her bed side .


Next morning 
Amanda and I was the last to wake up and the rests were already having their breakfasts !!! Amanda and I just took our own sweet time having a morning puff by the resting area before redeeming our breakfast which is super near our resort too !!

First picture taken that morning ^^

I was actually falling onto Amanda when I took this photo HAHHAHA

Morning selfie and my eyes were swollen as fuck !

AND ME ON DAY 2 ! LOL shades not because of the sun (even though it was really sunny which I spammed myself with sunblock) , it was actually because I had no makeup on so ............. yea HAHA . You wouldn't wanna see a zombie appearing in this blog post .

Morning hot tea

Just imagine waking
up early with no worries on what you've to do later & simply just to enjoy breakfast . Especially when yesterday night you had a great day too . Yes , that feeling , I was feeling so happy and relaxed !!! ♥ I just sat down with Amanda , slowly savoring the food like it's traditional breakfast . Having breakfast was so awesome , especially when you're not the kind that wakes up early to have breakfast .

After having breakfast ,
we checked out at 10AM and carried our bags , went back to the bicycle rental store and got them to attach a basket on all our bicycles to put our stuffs !!! The store I went to , didn't charge us extra to attach a basket . Completely free , just request for it ! Not sure for other stores though .

Then we later on
headed to a part of Pulau Ubin which is known to have lots of wild boars with all different sizes ranging from the babies to the fully grown ! Also , there are lots of wild monkeys , some even carrying their babies hahhaa .

There was this time 
where ALL the baby and adult boars surrounded us thinking that we have food . Glad that they are all pretty much harmless as they did not display any form of aggressiveness ^^

LOL random uncle decides to photo bomb Amanda AHHAHAHA

Later on after 
resting by a small shelter with seats , we went on to cycle and reached a place where we are NOT allowed to continue cycling and had to park our bicycles outside . From there , we traveled by foot with all our stuffs and we found a really really beautiful place below .............

How can it be that such a beautiful dream-like place exist in Pulau Ubin ? The best thing was at that point of time , the weather was being so nice to us it decided to give us a long good breeze hahaha .

Amanda's jump shot !

Amanda's jump shot #2 . Let's take a moment to imagine if I edited this picture with fire coming out from her butt like she's a rocket LOOOL sorry Amanda !

That's tiny me raising my 1.5litre water which finished really fast

The step looking far away look . LOL

Finally , MY JUMP SHOT ♥ !

Thumbs down because I really wanted to enter ): HAHHAA but I guess they restricted visitors to go any further beyond that point with their reasons .

Mike taking a photo of Amanda taking a photo of me LOL .

After cycling till afternoon and visiting many beautiful places , passing by lakes full of lotuses etc , we went back nearby our resort and had lunch FOR FREE LOL. Don't ask me how I got it for free  hahahha . Crayfish with tomato based spaghetti I SWEAR IT WAS HEAVEN ♥ Everyone of us was praising how good it tastes .

After all the stay
at Pulau Ubin in that 2D1N , I didn't expect to benefit so much out of it . The fun , the relaxing time , spectacular views , experiences , good food & quality time spent . I wish I can go back again soon ! And what's more we didn't really spend much at all wtf . And anyway , here's the video I'm talking about , I edited with my phone which was pretty bad so ........ don't mind ya ! And warning I'm very very sorry for taking a video with my naked face especially when I had unexpected pimples attacking me LOL SORRY GUYS . I need to warn you guys that I look extremely horrible & different without makeup but omg who cares HAHAHA LOL so enjoy ^^ ! :