Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hello Kitty Restaurant, Hong Kong! ♥

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Writing this blog post is getting me so peppy & stoked because awhile ago, 
I actually came across a bunch of Hello Kitty-themed food pictures on my Facebook newsfeed, and I knew in that instant that it most likely isn't in Singapore. I was right, it isn't in Singapore, but Hong Kong. 

So I kinda just had to forget about it and ditch the idea of me visiting the place 
because what are the chances of me flying to HK and remember to visit that very same restaurant I saw on my newsfeed? Low. I reluctantly snap out of my reverie that was so transient and never pinned hopes ever since. 

Then just as when I was drafting this blog post, 
I realised... HOLYFUCKINGSHIT, I ACTUALLY DID! I actually visited the place that I thought I never would! Fuck. Can we just take a moment and think about how astonishing it was for me when I realise I unknowingly fulfilled my mini-unremembered-fantasy? I'm calling it fate.... Bull!

HAHAHA so yes, let's time travel back to when I was in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago: 

Right outside the Hello Kitty Restaurant down the streets of Hong Kong!!!!! :D #BlessedAF

Stepping into the restaurant had me wrapped! The place is pretty huge & oriental, embellished and accessorised with everything Hello Kitty! ♥

And yes they started serving me food the Hong Kong style - DIM SUM!!!!!! ♥ My love for dimsum is simply indescribable. On a side note, don't ask me why one of the HK bao don't have eyes!!! I don't know when one of the eyes came off.. so OCD people needs to go now or this post will continue to freak them out hahahhaha  

My all time favourite dim sum? Har Gao. (Shrimp Dumplings)

Yes we were served with Chinese Tea and also another dish came in!!! I'll try to find the name of the dish later but to put it simply, it's fried chicken and it's damn satisfying.

MORE. FOOD. Vegetables, chicken, pork, seafood (yes in that pile of egg yolk thing)!!

Scrolling through these pictures while blogging is torturous. I'm famished at 2am and they're just mouth-watering!

Hello Kitty Dimsum calls for a selfie! #duh
You might not be able to tell, but I was ecstatic!

And they all say when the food looks too pretty, you wouldn't bear to eat them, but trust me, I was dying to HAHAHHA but I just couldn't miss the opportunity of snapping pictures yet!!

Had to seize the moment and faster speed snap tons of pictures so all the face pattern must come out so you'd have more variety HAHAHA

This was the Liu Sha Bao I think!!! :D

Bet you didn't know I was with so many... HAHAHA. Initially I was with just my second sister and then we decided to call the rests as well because we had sooooo much food there's no way we could've finished it by ourselves!!

Is it just me or is it true that Shrimp Dumplings just look a hell lot more delicious when the crystal skin looks translucent which reveals a little bit of it's shrimp-fillings and teases the fuck out of gluttons like me? LOL 


Tea time also calls for desserts! One of them is a new product the kitchen just came up with, I especially love the milk (I think) that comes along with the desserts!!! ♥

Oh god I can only relish in my reminiscence, the taste no longer vivid on my tongue but surprisingly scintillating in my mind.

Yes, this is me randomly inserting a oriental Hello Kitty painting here because I can. Admit it, when you're a tourist, you just can't stop snapping pictures!

Obviously couldn't stay still after filling my tummy and decided to snap some pics so I can capture them memories and slowly admire the view in the future, which is the now hahahahaha 

Look! My cool dad and my second sister hahaha

Bye Hello Kitty Restaurant in Hong Kong, till next time! xxx (This is the only time Bye & Hello can come together without feeling conflicted or ironic hahahaha) 

We cool

But on a serious note, if you ask me
whether I enjoyed the trip to this restaurant? Yes. Did I like the food? Some. Although this is a sponsored post, I cannot exaggerate and say they're all mega tasty, but I can confidently say that it's not nasty. It's decent Hong Kong food and it's great. Things can be very subjective, especially when it boils down to taste which are unique to oneself. But overall, great experience and especially all the spazzing people make when food comes hahahahha (me included).

If you're visiting Hong Kong,
consider putting this into your itinerary. It's kinda like a milestone too. Best part? It's actually surprisingly convenient. For a 路痴 (direction idiot) like me, I had NO issues with locating the restaurant and travelled via the MTR. Very, very convenient. I was pretty proud of myself okay! Hahahhaha.

If you need more information, a look at their menu, directions etc,
it's all on their website HERE. (http://www.hellokittychinesecuisine.com.hk/) Also if you're curious, I actually wrote down the numbers of the food I ordered albeit I don't know which is which but if you just want to know, here they are: 001, 004, 112, 123, 116, 140, 017, 18. I also regret not having their main courses lolol, next time I return to HK I WILL go have their main courses HAHAHA.

So I'm heading to bed with an
empty stomach and I have work tomorrow but before anything else, a big thank you to Hello Kitty Restaurant, Hong Kong for the invitation and pleasant experience! You've been kind x

P/S: Do not get confused with Hello Kitty Cafe and Hello Kitty Restaurant in HK.