Friday, 15 July 2016

Hola from Bali!

So I'm in Bali right now.
In bed at our hotel room to be exact. 'Our'? Who? Hahaha I'm with Lingyi and oh she just came out of the shower and.. she's freezing. I'm tired af right now, only had about 3 hours of sleep and then it's travelling all the way. The plane. The bus ride. The very late dinner. I'm just beat.

I cannot say I'm not happy to be here.
It's a privilege. But somehow, I feel like my mind's somewhere else. As if someone held my heart captive and there's nothing I can do to better the situation at all. Sigh, never mind that. I will go rant elsewhere on my other portal hahahaha. 

Anyway I had really great food earlier on!
We're staying at the Golden Tulip Bayview Hotel and the food is fantastic. Not sure if it's because I was famished when I had it or... Okay, no. Pretty darn sure it's really good food. Kinda regret not ordering the fried rice earlier on cuz LY did and I tried and whoa, perfect.

Also can I just say my eyelids
now weigh a ton and my eyes aren't really focused on my laptop screen as I'm typing this? Maybe my brain's not even functioning right right now or that maybe I'm just typing a bunch of nonsense with a hell lot of mistakes here and there. Oh god okay I think I will sign off now. Not sure why I choose to check in here in this state but I just felt I had to. Goodnight.