Monday, 27 May 2013

Filming with Jteam group ♥

I've been busy with filming 
& advertorials lately , but really a lot more on filming ! Besides filming with SLF TV (check out previous post) , I've been filming with my Jteam group which is still not done yet ! Which explains the reason why I'm at Jteam's office every Saturday of my life hahahha . 

And because it's my first time
filming with the Jteam group , all I told myself was "die die must eat once time is up , if not later I keep feeling hungry" . FEELING HUNGRY IS THE WORST EVER . I can never concentrate on doing things if I'm being starved . I would be so frustrated , hungry woman = angry woman !

So to start off ,
the day before when I woke up at some unearthly hour in the middle of the night , I ordered myself Pastamania ! I really thank Pastamania so much , because they offer delivery till 3AM everyday !!!

I had Seafood Zuppa , Potato Salad & Chicken wings !
Along with my favorite milk :D (I feel like a kid when I said that sentence LOL)

See how awesome Pastamania is ?!
If it's not for them that they offer delivery till late , I would have to opt for macdonalds AGAIN . I really don't wanna have Macs all the time just because I wake up late . I've ordered Mac so many times I'm really quite sick of it . It would be better if Mac tried to come up with new meals or something , otherwise for years it's always that same few burgers !

PLUS , I really think Singapore
should have more F&B outlets that offers delivery till late . What you want Singaporeans to eat in the middle of the night ?! Especially when our country is progressing , everyone wants something convenient , we do not really want to cook lol . That's why people say , Singapore is boring at night unless you are of enough age AND you have money . *I sibei long winded*

Okay ! So the next day ,
I prepped myself up with light makeup (sadly I can't put on usual makeup) & headed out with casual wear !

And then the typical me does this ,
taking photos of self while waiting for the cab hehe .

I met up with one of my
Jteam friends over at Bishan Mrt earlier that morning & had another friend drove us to set ! And had my breakfast and everything ready when I was there , hehe happy girl :D ♥ ! 

Abandoned and left aside to eat my breakfast on set LOL

To be honest , 
I was extremely excited and NERVOUS for the filming . I had to think whether I could remember my lines & pacing well , whether would I look good on screen (especially when I didn't had enough sleep) AND WHETHER WOULD I BE HUNGRY . I really hate wasting people's time & I would always think twice whether I should ask for a break because everyone's time is money & all of us were rushing ! 

But I guess it's just me who's
rushing off and Jason who's going to Social Star Awards ! :D 
Filming with them is a challenge though , I had to keep changing clothes to look as if I filmed it on a different day and I believe when the video comes out , I would look like I have less makeup everyday LOL or like looking more and more haggard . 

However I'm definitely
not the one who's most exhausted . The people handling the camera & the mic really very tough . Imagine we keep NG-ing & they have to keep repeating the same thing , adjusting the camera AND the mic have to be held at the same position non stop . Slight moving of the mic can cause unnecessary noises or shadows on set ! WE EVEN HAD TO SWITCH OFF ALL FANS TO PREVENT NOISE ! Imagine being trapped in a enclosed environment with NO FANS or air conditioner !

With the Director's son hehe so qtttt !!

I was using one of the props by the way LOL - the specs .

Later on we had Dominos Pizza for lunch &
Potong ice cream yay !!!!! Been so long since I last had them , I had the sweet corn flavored one :D

I had to keep changing clothes x_x

After that we were filming some beer drinking scene where
I forced Jason to drink up & the entire set was designed and set up on the spot with the lighting and all , it really looks good on camera :D ! 

After spending like
half of our day filming , we are finally done with part of the script & still have more to go ! I'm so happy with the direction I'm moving in life , and the opportunities I've been given by companies & more . Knowing new people & learning a lot of things makes me feel so elated :D The best thing is that I actually ENJOY doing it a lot , I feel that I'm on the right track ♥ 

Me , Jason & Kenny the gay boy hahaha

Yeap that's all !

Can't wait to blog more about subsequent filming with them & when the end production comes out , I get to share with you guys again ♥ ! You guys are the people who follows me throughout the journey of filming , one day , I would like to make friends with all of you :D !