Friday, 31 May 2013

Solitary Ride ♥


Come on ! You girls know that
I would NEVER introduce or advertise products or services that I dislike . And yeap , I'm back again with more good stuffs for you girls and even for YOUR MAN . So guys , don't just think that only girls can do shopping online , you can too !
So let's all shop Solitary Ride today ! :D

A little background information
about Solitary Ride , it is an online shop that sells clothes for both ladies and men , bags , shoes , accessories & many more ! I'm more than elated to do this advertorial for them not because I'm being bribed okay hahaha . It is because I swear , Solitary Ride's service is the BEST I've ever experienced with blog shop owners ! To me , customer's service is extremely important , also speed of delivery and replies . For what I've personally experienced with Solitary Ride , they are by far the BEST . 

Solitary Ride has also been waiting 
for me to post up this advertorial for a REALLY long time and they are so patient with it ! Mad in love with them AND their products ♥♥♥♥ ! To add on a little , most of us shop online is because we want affordable items & to be delivered to us FAST . Not to worry , Solitary Ride items are ALL VERY affordable & they sell a huge variety of all items . Who knows you might see what you like or something that you've been looking for (; ? ♥ 

[Everything I wear is from Solitary Ride (: ]
Before the top came , 
I thought it's just gonna be of so-so material , but when it came , I was shocked ! It's extremely soft and comfy . The kind that you wouldn't be able to fold it in place , aargh , you would get what I mean once you purchase it from them !

P/S : Note that I have very small waist and I had to alter the skirt to fit me even though I got the smallest size .

This maroon skater skirt 
is one of my favorite bottoms right now ♥ ! Initially this skater skirt was out of stock from Solitary Ride as it is too popular & have been sold out . I was so upset about it but guess what ? Solitary Ride has back up supplies for it & they still managed to get it for me in the end ♥♥ !!  Maroon skater skirts just give a very different feeling to girls who are wearing it compared to black skater skirts . 

Black skater skirts gives
a more demure and innocent look , whereas maroon ones seems to give a hint of 'badass' to it ? I don't think that's the right word though , but you get what I mean !  Note that the skater skirt is available in other colors as well (:

What's after tops and bottoms ? 
It's dresses of course ! I don't often wear dresses as I'm too short for it and I'm always afraid that I wouldn't be able to pull off the demure look ! But over here , I love this dress that Solitary Ride gave me personally as a gift , I love the white collars that gives a different look on me . And out of all outfits , my boyfriend loves this set the most ! 

I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to wear their bracelets as my wrists are REALLY tiny & disgusting LOL . Which is why I avoid bracelets most of the time unless it really suits me . But theirs are adjustable ! However if you've tiny wrists like me , I recommend thicker bracelets or a lot of thin bracelets put together as one (:

Neon earrings ! Nowadays I'm really into Neon items :D

Dream catcher necklace . It is available in black as well ^^

The dream catcher necklace in detail ! I especially love this necklace in brown , because I think brown would match clothes better than to black . Also , brown is a lot more special :D

Once again  , 
I would like to emphasize that Solitary Ride really has a huge variety in all the items they are selling ! You wouldn't regret taking a look at it . And do remember to quote "Chrysan Lee" while purchasing from Solitary Ride for special discounts ! ♥ 

Always better to quote than to never ! 

Visit Solitary ride at :