Friday, 31 May 2013

Filming with For Flea Sake ! ♥

Few days ago , 
I headed down to Rendezvous Hotel for filming with For Flea Sake ! ♥ 
Been wanting to blog about this since that day , but sadly I didn't take pictures while on set at all ): 

For Flea Sake is the biggest
flea organization in Singapore & when I get to film with them and three other bloggers , I was so excited and a little pressurized as well ! Why pressurized ? I was so worried I couldn't perform well , my appearance compared to the other three bloggers etc etc etc . And I bet you guys must be curious , who are the three bloggers ? It's Marx Mae , Chloe Choo and Erica who's known as Tiger lily !

Before getting to work with them
on this short film with For Flea Sake , I've already known of them (obviously cause they are like god damn famous la and I'm some peanut on the streets LOL) & I feel so lucky that For Flea Sake approached me for this video ! 

I was so excited that I woke up 
around 4 plus AM in the morning & I couldn't sleep after that already ! So I prepared early & headed down early to meet up with the crew as well hehe & to kill time , obviously the narcissist me starts to take photo ! 

I was the first to film & at first , 
I still thought that I was okay till I seen the rests of the bloggers , they did damn well ! 
And when I look at them I felt so so envy ! ALL their features are perfect , and when I looked at myself , I felt damn inferior lol . And my hair was definitely in a mess , so I can already foresee the video by For Flea Sake featuring me is gonna be horrible , BUT DON'T JUDGE ! I'm gonna look better again one day okay ! Especially when I was so mad tired that day . 

Working with the bloggers 
and For Flea Sake was definitely enjoyable & I really wish I get to do stuffs like that more often ! 
Yeap , and let's all wish Marx Mae Happy Birthday ♥  !!!!