Monday, 17 June 2013


Yes ! I have been 
filming a bit with JTV and SGAG as well :D 
It's really pretty fun to be behind the camera as well as to be on screen . I never thought that I would be doing things like this . The best part is , I'm happy with my life now & I ENJOY what I do . Love it !

So then I had the opportunity 
to film with JTV & SGAG . Again , getting to know more people at the same time ! If you had followed me on Facebook , Instagram or even Twitter , you would've known I filmed at SCAPE that day ! And here's my outfit : 

Dress is from H&M ^^ Had a messy ponytail as hairdo that day (:

I'm still trying to get used to 
my new haircut especially when it makes me look a lot younger ........ but I love it still ♥ ! Maybe just a little not used to dark colors as well especially when I had all the bright colors on my head back then if you read my past blog posts ! But I'm sure hair salon trips would be just as exciting still :D 

During filming , 
I always have so much fun ! Doing something I like doesn't feel stressful at all . That's the benefit of doing something you enjoy , besides the people are all so friendly and relaxed !
Billy & Jocelyn busy reading up their script but bad girl me chose to take a photo of them while they're working hard LOL

Me & Jocelyn

 Really love working with Jocelyn 
as she always takes care of me and gives me advice along the way ! Not to mention , with her around , I WOULDN'T BE BORED . I would have somebody to chit chat with hahahahha . Halfway through filming when I start to feel a little worn out , Sheryl dropped by and we started bitching on set LOL . 

We didn't take any photos , 
but after all the filming in the air conditioned room , we started filming outdoors ! It's great to have people you can clique with when you film , you won't get bored and everything seems way better :D 

After filming from morning
till night about 7 plus , all of us including the crew can finally settle down for dinner . And guess what's for dinner ? It's Botak Jones ! Believe it or not , I NEVER had Botak Jones despite the fact that I go down to town pretty often for work/leisure . And I never quite enjoy eating outdoors unless the food is freaking good or with good company . 

But I swear , 
this very first time I had Botak Jones , I fell in love with it straight away ♥ ! Pretty impressed by their service & menu as well considering it's outdoor . In case some of you don't know Botak Jones , it's just opposite Cineleisure and most of the time it's crowded ! 

 I got myself the regular 
Cajun Chicken Set (as seen above) . And I sort of regretted a bit when I saw one of the crew order the large one because large one definitely looks a lot more attractive than mine ! But when I polished everything off , I was SOOOOOOOOOOO full !!!! Don't be deceived thinking that it's a really small set , but if you finished everything up , you would understand why I felt so full . [And by polish off everything , I mean I even ate the veggie below the chicken . tastes so freaking good as well have got no idea why !]

If you're gonna order 
the Cajun Chicken Set like me , you would get to choose two sides along with your chicken which is topped with their sauce & thick mozzarella cheese ♥ ! I strongly recommend the cheese potato as one of your sides . Because of the reasons why I fell in love with Botak Jones it's because their cheese potato is freaking amazing . Tastes so heavenly I left it till the last for me to savor ! 

The next side I got myself is
corn as you can see . Well , it's healthy , but sometimes we just want something tasty ! I'm satisfied with the corn of course but I tried the spicy fries that Billy had for his side order & it tastes so good ! Never know Botak Jones' spicy fries would taste superb . So if I got to choose again , I might get cheese potato and the spicy fries as my two sides for the Cajun Chicken Set (: 

Just in case you're
wondering why there's a bacon looking so extra beside my chicken it's because I ordered it as a add on ! I'm a sucker for bacon , really . I believe many of you are too ! Not very sure whether their bacon would taste good , and that per bacon is only $2 , I decided to just add one and it's really not bad :D !

Dinner after filming is always good , 
it feels like it's finally a wrap for all the hard work that everyone had contributed that day . And the best part ? Is when we all chit chat during dinner and ends off the day perfectly ♥ Can't wait to film & update to you guys again ! 

And a little sneak peak to what we've done : 

K I find the last part really hilarious ok ? HAHAHA .
Come on guys , don't be too stressed up , what's over is over . Have a good laugh over it . Let loose once in awhile (: