Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hospitalized .

Hospitalized is really not a good thing . 
 Remember how in THIS blog post , I mentioned I fell sick ? Yeap , it was dragged on for a really long time that my friend had to send me to Alexandra Hospital and I SWEAR IT'S NOT FUNNY ): 

Whilst on the way 
to the hospital , I felt like a joke . Thinking why should I head to the hospital just because I have fever , cough , sore throat & flu for about more than a week ? And when I reached the hospital for consultation , I still thought it was nothing . Thinking I could've just gone to clinics instead .

[I am always wrong]

Straight after consultation , 
I was brought into an area where my friend couldn't be with me ! And went through series of tests such as urine test , blood test , X-Ray test & had to put drip . I NEVER had drips on me and NEVER had blood test . I was so frightened & I had no other choice . Nurses taking the rate of my heart beat , getting me to change into the hospital gown , sitting on a fucking wheel chair & getting me to eat panadols like seriously ? 

I was so LOST . 
But definitely well treated there . 
After multiple tests and knowing that I have fever still , I found out something else from the doctor . 
I'm infected with Lung Infection but the mild kind . How did I get it ? I don't know . All I know that I'm thankful I feel better now & thankful that I wasn't infected with dengue especially when nowadays , many people are infected by it & is suffering from it .

So guys , please please please take good care of yourselves , don't drag on your 'seemingly-nothing-illness' like me ! 

But I'm okay ! See , can take pictures means brain not damaged at all LOL . 

The doctor tried so hard to distract me but fail , I was like "you're just trying to distract me right . Not working ." 

And he replied , "I'm trying very hard to make you feel better , don't be so hostile and scold me la ! " 

Sick girl's face is always so unglamorous . No , actually , I look horrible all the time ! 

Because of needles poking to my arms , my arms still have this yellowish patch of orh ceh . Not nice okay ! But I was obviously okay la , if not still can take pictures LOL

And because of all that above , 
I missed out meetings of upcoming projects ! See , falling sick is really not in your favor at all . Stay healthy everyone ♥ !