Friday, 14 June 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013 !

As you all know , Father's Day 2013 
is happening in two days time ! Our father is always the best in our eyes [for most of us] . We don't realize how important they are and all the things they've been doing for us ever since we were born . 

For me , my dad's 
already 63 years old this year . And I'm really extremely blessed to have a dad like him . Why ? See below :

Few days ago I also asked him , 
why did he become 'such a dad' he is today ? 

He replied , "Because I have been young too" 

See ? That's pretty much how my dad is and 
that's not all why I feel blessed to be his daughter . We're not rich , really . He have been working hard NON STOP for his family pretty much since he got married right ? And now that he is already in his 60s , he still continue working so hard for us even though my mom had passed away . 

He didn't just give up on us , 
he DIDN'T even complain at all . He didn't collapse , he had to stay strong for us . Imagine working so hard ALL YOUR LIFE just for your family without having breaks , supporting 4 kids , wife & a five-room flat . EVERYTHING is provided by him . We had maids when we were younger as well , huge expenses . Also , witnessing your wife pass away leaving you with 4 kids to raise .... all of us still had to study back then . Some in university , poly & me being a trouble kid back then . He was so worried . But did he complain ? No .

Except all of the above , 
he had NEVER hit any of us before . Usually parents do that to lecture their children etc . But in my family , my mom is the one doing so . My dad , NEVER EVER hit any of us before . For me , he only hit me ONCE and that's a fucking slap on my thigh because I refused to consume medicine when I'm having an extremely high fever . He feared for my health and had no other chance but to give me a slap on my thigh . 

And yes , it's just a slap on my thigh -_____- 

To add on 
a while later he gave me a slap on my thigh , 
he brought me into his room , sat down quietly , patted my shoulders and said in mandarin "I'm really sorry , I didn't mean to hit you . I didn't hit any of you since young have I ? I really didn't mean it , I did it because I fear you might become a idiot if the fever continues to accelerate & yet you don't consume the medicine at all" 

Just which dad apologizes after he hits you WITH A VALID REASON ? 

Besides all the above , 
don't you dare think he is a bad husband . Because he isn't . He's an amazing husband as well . Just not long ago , we were looking through photo albums at home & came across many photos taken by my dad in the past . And this is what he posted on Facebook : 

Translation on top paragraph : My dear wife , I can only reminisce about us & the memories we had through old photos like this . Memories of us dating back then , still lingers in my mind and it will forever . The husband that loves you .

I know , he has a girlfriend now . 
But , he had never changed his phone lock screen/wallpaper which is always my mommy's photo . His girlfriend always tells me how my dad would secretly cry in the middle of the night because he really misses my mom so fucking badly . So what if he has a girlfriend ? Everyone needs company . You may say , I can accompany him . But having a partner than to a daughter is ALWAYS different . 

His girlfriend can be his 
listening ear , his pillar of support when he needs somebody . Whereas people like us , we can never take that kind of position . It's as good as saying , you lost your wife and people asks you to get your mom to accompany you instead . Is it the same feeling ? Obviously not . I would never blame my dad for having a girlfriend . He NEEDS somebody . He really do . 

So recently , 
my siblings and I came together and thought that for Father's Day this year , we would just do something different . It's always having a dinner , how boring can that be ? Father's Day is an OPPORTUNITY for you to show appreciation . It is NOT the only day where you can show it but it is an opportunity . Right ? 

We settled down with an idea 
of heading to Sentosa to have some fun ! But all of us are not free on the actual day and the only day where my dad is free would be on weekends . So last weekends , our plans went well and we headed off to Sentosa ! Yay ! Amazing LOL . The only 'flaw' is that , my second sister wasn't around as she went JB . 

P/S : I brought my DSLR that day but when I reached home there were some hiccups with my memory card and ALL the photos were gone which I was so depressed and ranted about it on Twitter the other day . My apologies for the lack of photos ): So I could only use the photos taken by my phone and daddy's phone ! And yes I also had a new haircut and color !

Outfit that day to Vivo City and Sentosa ♥ !

We decided to have lunch
at TCC before heading into Sentosa ! 

Daddy Lee & Me

My dad loves using Camera and has been using Canon since ages ago before I was even born when he was dating with my mom . The photo of him and my mom above in this blog post was also taken by Canon . So when I had interest in cameras , he's extremely supportive LOL .

After having a super fulfilling lunch at
TCC and browsing at the Canon shop , we headed to Sentosa & I had to buy the pass just because my ez-link card doesn't have sufficient fund in it LOL . Guys , before you head to Sentosa , please remember to top up your ezlinks so you wouldn't have to queue to buy a bloody pass . 

When we reached Sentosa , 
the first thing we did was to go for the Carlsberg thingy . The one that turns 360 degree and up for you to see the view of Singapore ! 

It's my first time being on this ride & it's air condition based but rather squeezy . 

Next up , we went to experience all the 4D rides . 
First was Desperados , then the Extreme Log Ride , lastly was Journey 2 ! 

All the 4D rides are really SUPER FUN ! 
It's a must go in Sentosa I really don't wanna elaborate much here because there's just too much to say ! You gotta go experience it yourself :D 

After which , we went over to the beach for a walk ~

My face cannot maintain .
But really , this bridge is so super crowded , I just decided not to finish the walk since I had walked on this so many times in the past .

Then all of us started complaining 
feeling thirsty etc and we stopped by 7-11 to get drinks and I got a free hello kitty figurine from the cashier ! I was still hoping to get the heart shape one and I really got it , that moment I felt super lucky and half-dead-me felt super hyper all of the sudden . 

Charged up for the day again ! 

Conclusion , we went to Macdonalds for round two lunch ! 
Thought we would be able to get hello kitty there as well but wtf it's sold out island wide . But the way my dad ate was priceless : 

Like cute ah ♥ 

 So what's next ? 

It's LUGE ! My FAVORITE leisure in Sentosa . 
We sat on sky ride & LUGE after that , super exciting and fun ride . I've always love it , how about you ? 

Me and my eldest sister

On sky ride still can take photo and act chio , super sam pat lor ! I was so afraid that my slippers , phone and everything would drop . Considering I wasn't holding my bag then .

Left to Right : Eldest sister , Amanda (bro's girlf) , Brother and me !

Left to right : Amanda , bro , me & eldest sister ! Totally don't know why I gave that stupid gwiyomi pose LOL
Sky Ride .

After LUGE & Sky Ride , 
it was exactly the time where we can watch Songs of  The Sea . The last time I watched it was when I was super super young . And now that I finally watched it again , I realized there's quite a big change in the show itself . And I don't realize that Singapore actually put in a huge effort in terms of attractions and entertainment in Singapore for tourism . Singapore is such a amazing country , I feel lucky to be a Singaporean . 

And then , I felt shameful of myself because , 
as a Singaporean , I had never personally went to experience all the attractions and sight seeing in Singapore and see it in a tourist's perspective . And one day , I'm gonna do that , I believe I would know even more about Singapore and learn to appreciate how amazing and beautiful Singapore is . 

We finally went back to Vivo & had dinner
at Sushi Tei . That's when we wished dad Happy Father's Day . 
It's such a memorable day even though all photos taken with my camera that day were gone , but memories stays with us forever . Love your parents , show them that you care & appreciate for whatever they had done . Father's Day is around the corner and that's a good opportunity for you . Let's go ! ♥