Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I'm in pajamas .

Oops I'm in pajamas ! 
Yes haha , pajamas . So excited for Blog Shop Festival 2013 that even if I'm in pajamas , I would rush for it IN PAJAMAS . Remember how I blogged about filming with three bloggers recently ? Yup , here's the video :

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Aren't all of them super gorgeous ♥ ?!
All of them so chio lah , I damn happy I got to film with them lololol . But well , the point is , as Blog Shop Festival is around the corner , there would be thousands of people coming down just to shop from famous blog shops and bloggers !! You wouldn't wanna queue with thousands of people waiting for your turn to shop right ?

So simply go to my Facebook , Chrysan Huihui Lee
LIKE & SHARE this video that I've posted on my video as seen below : 

Once you've LIKED & SHARED this video
FROM my Facebook profile , you stand a chance to win a pair of VIP passes to shop on the very day of Blog Shop Festival ♥ !! And I'm not just choosing one winner , I'm choosing FIVE ! Meaning 10 VIP passes going out to you guys for FREE just by LIKING AND SHARING THE VIDEO FROM MY FACEBOOK PROFILE ♥ ! 

 Get you and your friends to do it now and do it FAST before 12th June 2013 ! 

See ya :D ! 

P/S : You have to share the video from my profile otherwise I wouldn't know whether you've shared or not thank you !