Tuesday, 4 June 2013

It's Mediacorp

Last Saturday on the start of 
this month , I was still really sick & all but I still managed to tong (to bear with) the whole day at Mediacorp ! But it's something that I've been looking forward to ever since I was told that I would be able to learn things & have hands on experience with the Jteam group on that very day at Mediacorp ! 

To start off this blog post , 
here's what I wore on that chilly morning & eye makeup of the day ♥ 

Wore a long sleeved sweater pullover , was feeling so cold ! But I regret immediately once I opened the main door to head out x.x

Had simple eye makeup that day , minimal eyeliner & mascara !
 Like I said , 
I regret wearing thick sweater out that morning once I opened the door , because the sun was scorching hot & extremely bright ! Booked a cab and while waiting , I ALWAYS decide to take more pictures of myself . LOL sibei buey paiseh I know . But to make things seem a little less narcissist , I included my pup in some of the photos to distract you guys so the main focus is no longer on me . 

But I guess I failed . 

Sick girl will always look sick . Even my dog don't wanna care about me T_T

Don't need to say , the sun is really bright .

*Inserts caption* "Eh don't take my photo leh !* [Actual fact : Ownself take one , sibei zai] KIDDING LA .

And after 11 whole minutes of 
waiting for the cab company to call me , I start to panic . Like , did I really book a cab ? Did they process my request ? Or did the cab went off already ? How come cab so slow ? Did the cab get into some minor issues that it would come late or wouldn't be able to come ? Did anybody send another cab for me ? All these stupid questions filled my mind as the time for me to reach Mediacorp is getting near and I'm still not in a fucking cab . 

For that moment , 
I totally blame myself for acting chio & taking so many photos ! Was like "could've saved all that time to wait for a cab instead" . So I rushed all the way to the lift lobby and minutes later .......... a fucking on call cab came & IT'S MINE !!!! Super duper happy lah . 

But throughout the
journey with the cabbie to Mediacorp was pretty disturbing . It wasn't some tiko uncle , it's not because the uncle keep talking , it's not because of some awkward silence or whatsoever . It's because the cab KEEP ON jerking and jerking so often that every few mins I have to raise my head up from my phone looking alarmed to see why the cab jerked ! Make my heart skip a beat -_____- I really hope people would drive safely on road these days . 

So finally in a short while I reached !
INCLUDING booking fee , from my home to Mediacorp only cost me LESS than $10 . So cheap !!! For a moment I still thought like I was the first one to reach since it 'seems' like there isn't anyone there at Mediacorp yet . And when the cleaners there look at me I felt like I can act like some superstar and step out of the cab la . Don't tell me you won't have this feeling ! 

Once I stepped out of the cab , 
my group from Jteam shouted my name from the second floor really loudly in unison . And THAT point of time I truly felt like I'm some famous actress LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL . Like got people welcome me like that . So I quickly gathered with them , joked around at the reception , got our Mediacorp passes and tapped in ! 

In case you're wondering , 
YES , the passes we get are like ez-link cards and you HAVE TO tap in to get into Mediacorp . So cool lol . And yes , EVERYBODY have to do that . So I had to take super good care of the card because I still need it to tap out when I wanna go home ! But before I tapped in , I received an amazing gift from Chrisline that she brought back from BKK for me !!!!!!!! ♥ 

Everyone else in our group 
received presents from her but mine is the most special of all HAHAHAHA . Will Instagram it soon ! So here's a picture that I posted on Insta & Facebook that morning ♥ 

For a min I really think the pressie looks like a cake or something hahaha and yeap the blue card on my right shoulder is the pass used to tap in to Mediacorp !

Ever since getting into Mediacorp , 
I thought I would be able to see actresses and actors walking all around , but surprisingly no o.o Maybe only a few ? The kind without makeup and had to put on shades everywhere they go & all of us got NO IDEA who they are . Totally can't recognize . They just got some vibe to show they're some big shot unlike people like me HAHA . 

But despite that , 
I got know MANY amazing people that day ! I feel super honored getting to know them and EVEN learning from them ! And some , getting to work with them ! The best thing is that , ALL OF THEM are so friendly . They're not the kind that looks down on people with no experience & they gladly share with us their experience and HOW they do their work . 

I felt so special then , 
as I got to head to places where people normally can't get to ! Which is the music composing room & I even got to sit there like a boss listening to them explain & get to learn how they compose music for dramas , scenes and even movies ! Latest movies like ABTM 1 & 2 (:  

 Omg , can you even see me in there ??????
I'm so super tiny compared to the monitor screens and music composing machines they have right there . And did I mention the room isn't usually so bright ? They switched on the lights just for me to take photos ! The two young music composers stay in this place most of the time cracking their head composing and creating music from the most basic melody . 

Also , they usually dim their lights 
in this office and seriously , it's super cosy ! Because what you don't see is two big sofas in front of me & that's where I was sitting at throughout my time with them . I was so tempted to just sleep and enjoy the air conditioner . However , their music composing skills are grabbing my attention and keeping me awake ! This isn't the only room I've been to and every room are specialized in their way . Example , besides the monitor screens being extremely mega big here , their speakers ARE SUPERB . When they play their music , the speakers blasts out so well with extremely good bass & I can literally feel the music . Thank goodness , the room is sound proof ! 

My time with the
two young composers in this room was awesome . I learned so many things and the best part is knowing that from every piece of music they create for a scene or the entire show , they start out from the most basic melody repeating itself . And using the SAME melody , they can just change it the mood immediately to something soothing , something happy or even something scary . I wish you were here to witness everything ! This room is my favorite so far ^^

 Next up , I was went into 
rooms for mixing & recording ! It's something like the above where two rooms are separated with that piece of glass . Not very sure what was it for but if I didn't remember wrongly , it is for people to record their voices in the other room recorded for voice overs in a show etc . 

Subsequently , 
I went into many other rooms for sound effects and music editing etc ! I even got to watch a particular drama scene and add music that I think is suitable for that very scene with the help from the professionals ! Example , I was watching a horror scene but without music to enhance the atmosphere so immediately , I thought about adding eerie music to it . But that's not as easy as we thought it would be ! 

Because after adding music 
accordingly to my taste and playing the whole scene again , IT WAS EXTREMELY WEIRD . When music changes too fast or shows the atmosphere too directly , the show is gonna suck . Hahaha , I guess I can never do that right , leave it back to the professionals :D ! 

My second favorite room 
is the SOUND EFFECTS room . I swear it's amazing ! Remember the war scene in the starting of the movie ABTM 1 ? The professionals showed me the scene WITHOUT any sound effects and it was so boring ........ Sound effects are really super important and not easy to handle ! After which , they showed me how they add in the sound effects accordingly on the right timings with the right atmosphere and REPLAYED the scene but with sound effects this time round . The difference WITH and WITHOUT sound effects is DRASTIC ! 

Again , because they have very good 
speakers all over the room , the panning of sound effects from speakers to speakers were PERFECT . By panning from speakers to speakers I mean , example when we listen to music via earpieces , you would sometimes here sound effects travel from one side of your earpiece to another right ? That's called panning . It is to make your sound effects more realistic & allow us to feel more in whatever we are listening to . 

Like wise , example , if there's a forest scene , 
there bound to have birds chirping right ? And sometimes in the cinema , we seem to feel that the birds are really flying at one point to another while chirping . That's the work of speakers as well . They pan the voice of the bird from the left speaker to the right and maybe to the back speakers as well . Cool huh ? 

This post is getting too wordy , 
because all I could do is to explain via writing & there's SOOOOOOOO much more to say ! I apologize for not taking more photos , but I guess it's getting pretty boring for you guys . If there's another chance to head back to Mediacorp , I would blog about it again !

My lunch & tea break's food
were covered by Jteam and Mediacorp that day . Didn't took a photo of lunch , but here's one of my favorite tea break food that day ! 

The potato and crab meat sandwich is the best LOL .

After a looooooooooong day at Mediacorp , 
I still have to say goodbye ! But it's really a pleasant day at Mediacorp learning about so many interesting facts & getting to know more people ♥ 

Alright bye guys ! 
Till next time