Monday, 3 June 2013

Filming .... for ?!

As the title suggests , 
filming for ? Yeap just filmed the first episode of an online show ! I would not say under who or what but it's somehow related to Jteam . Too much filming blog posts these days huh ? But I really enjoy filming ! It's ALWAYS so fun & enjoyable , making new friends at the same time too ! 

So the day before filming ,
www.secretive.sg sent me masks to try ! And I thought I would just apply masks the day before the filming & to pamper my skin as well right

Masks sponsored by www.secretive.sg !

I LOVE Secretive's masks ! It's always so good
and makes my skin feels very refreshing which makes me take photos of myself and post it on Instagram despite my face looking like crap hahhaha . With my stupid polka dot head band somemore ! 

#nofilter #SorryThatILookUgly #ButIGuessIDon'tCare
So then shortly
after masking , I headed back to bed for my beauty sleep . And I guess I was enjoying the essence of the mask and for some reason I woke up SUPER late the next day for filming despite having SIX alarms on . WHAT THE FUCK seriously LOL . I panicked like mad la cause it's my first time working with some people that day & all , so if I'm late it shows I'm super unprofessional right ?!

P/S : My clothes were sponsored by www.shopsolitaryride.com

So I did showered , 
did my light makeup , grabbed my bag , camera & everything necessary and boom , like the above picture , I was in the MRT hoping to reach there on time ! But in the end I was bloody late for 30 minutes & barged into the WRONG office in SCAPE somemore . Super embarrassing and then Jack Neo was like , "It's in the other room" & then I couldn't find the crew , I went back to the previous office again and Jack neo went "really it's in the other room , there neh that one " LOL . 

But yeap , 
I finally got my way to the right place with ALMOST everyone there . Meaning I'm not the only one late ! LOL , actually only got one artiste late with valid reason . So my reason ? Overslept . But super lucky , they didn't scold me or ask why ! Maybe because I'm too unimportant to them T___T 

But I don't know what
I was thinking , I still can take photos and 自恋 ! Oh yes just nice Alandrea was somewhere near SCAPE so she came over to the office to meet me ! ♥ 

Alandrea & Billy (:

Jocelyn photo bombing me behind level x949587394587 LOL

Shortly after briefing , 
we quickly went into filming once things are set up & ready in another room ! 
And I was the first to film , quite nervous at first ! The only thing making me nervous was the thought of working with professionals that I've only met once & spoke to each other on the very same day . Wouldn't you feel the same ? 

Forgive me for the awkwardness in angle of this photo . I have got no idea that this photo was taken ! Too engross in trying to be right on set .
After my scene , we
moved on to other scenes as well before lunch !

With the hosts , Billy Yuen & Jocelyn Wee !

Jocelyn is VERY professional  . 
Plus another thing I like about her , she protects me and sort of dotes on me hahaha lucky girl is me ! Knowing new friends is always good ♥ 

Me , Jocelyn & Sheryl ♥ !

All photos were like taken at
ULTRA speed by one of the crews . And by ULTRA speed , I really mean SUPER FAST . So we had to like keep changing poses at a really fast speed as well , which explains if you see any weird pose or flaws ............. LOL 

And the two pictures below is the EPIC one . 
Why ? Check out Jocelyn's pose ! I totally didn't notice till I posted it hahahha . And then Sheryl is like *move out of pose cuz can't stop laughing* 

Filming Sheryl and Hanrey's scene !

After all of that short filming , 
I was SUPER happy because I finally get to have lunch !!!!!!!!!!!!! Billy was still texting me when I was late rushing that he's having breakfast at mac with Jocelyn and I was like wtf , super envy and really wanna have breakfast lor ): 

We wanted to have 18 chefs at first , 
but we changed our mind and headed to Old Town since some of us are craving for foods there ♥  ! 

I had Old Town's Asam Laksa ! Still as great as heaven ♥______♥ ! Except that I don't put the sauce that I was given by the side !

And for the drink , I was ONLY order either Old town white milk tea blended OR the red bean freeze . Always only these two options . And this time I got the white milk tea !

So once we're done for lunch , 
we headed back for work immediately ! [I actually had a typo and typed "we headed back to dinner immediately] LOL . But this time , I found myself a new interest . That is to be playing with Billy's cap ! LOL . I love love love love his cap & keep taking photos with it . Makes me wanna buy myself a cap too ! I never in my life did , should I ? Please recommend !

Me & Sheryl featuring Billy's cap hahahha

It actually says on top "Just For Fun" but it's mirrored !

Slacking like a bitch
while others are busy filming and doing makeup hahaha . 
I had a REALLY difficult scene after that though . Guess what ? You would get to know once the video is up !

Conclusion , get a cap or no ? I say yes though HAHAHA . 

We wrapped up around 7-8 PM ? 
And I raised my hand suggesting that we should really go have dinner because all of our stomachs are screaming for help already ! Food food food ! We went down a level and had ASTONS :D I got myself Hickory BBQ Chicken & Root Beer Float . Fuck my life , the root beer float was so fucking good . I just love the combination . Makes me feel like I'm back to my young days where I was just kid digging out ice cream from tubs mixing it with my root beer with my family ! You have memories like that too , don't you ? 

And did I mention when all
the root beer float orders came , I was eying on the rootbeer with the BIGGEST vanilla ice cream on top ? And just when the biggest one was passed to one of the crews , my heart just sank HAHHAHA & hoping for another batch of rootbeer float to come with a even BIGGER ice cream . Just when I was thinking ..................... the crew having the biggest ice cream passed his to me HAHHAHA . Lucky girl !!!!

Hickory BBQ chicken with my side order , baked potato & house salad !

I really super love the chicken !
It's DAMN nice without the sauce already lor . In fact I prefer it without the sauce , tastes damn awesome with the skin super crispy-like  . And having the baked potato as one of the side dish , tastes great too ! However , I really don't like their salad ):

Humungous butter in the middle of the baked potato which slowly melts while you eat omgggg

Jocelyn ordered beef !

And before I ordered any food , 
I told Jocelyn "Every time I eat this kind of food , I CONFIRM SORE THROAT ONE" 
And as predicted , I really got flu the next day -.- and I tweeted two days ago while having sore throat that I CONFIRM KENA FEVER . And yeap , really having fever TILL NOW -.- !!!! 

I'm always always falling sick .
Aargh , why must my immunity system be so low ?! Can't wait to get myself bottle of vitamins to intake seriously . 

 But dinner was definitely awesome
with the crew , I really can't wait to film with them again ♥ ! They are such great company , can't believe that all of them are so friendly . Especially Billy . I really thought I can NEVER clique with people like them . But when Billy started talking to me , I started talking to everyone else and there was absolutely NO awkward moments AT ALL . Compared to other filming sessions , filming with them was the best , all super friendly as if you knew them for a long time ♥ ! 

After which , 
I went to Boon Keng & waited for my dearest boyfriend to end work ♥ Stupid me 
started taking photos like hell again wtf sia ?????? HAHAHHAHA . Please bear with me :D 

 Attempted to smile properly SO many times . 
I hardly smile in my photos , do you notice ? But when my boyfriend came back home , 

I even told him I had dinner already ! The most heart wrenching and touching part is that , he haven't even had dinner himself & he only got himself like some simple rice dish and he got me ........................................ 


And you might think that this is not only for me . 
He would be sharing it with me too . But NO , I had it ALL TO MYSELF because he doesn't eat crabs or prawns etc ! HE DOES NOT EAT THAT AT ALL . He even got the person to fried it in my favorite sauce which is 鲜蛋螃蟹 (Salted egg crab) . Wtf . Why my bb always spoil me like that ?! ♥ 

For memories sake , 
I MADE HIM POSE WITH THE CRAB . LOL , bad girlfriend is me x: 

Please do not mind him being topless

  He tried his best guys . 
He's not the kind that is camera friendly or likes to take photos . If you view his Facebook profile , he hardly has ANY photos taken of himself whatsoever . Unless it's with me . He is super camera shy . So if in the future I wanna make him be in one of my videos , it's gonna be so tough -_____-  

After having our dinner together (supper for me) , 
he suggested to take pictures together which was what I was thinking , then of course I super happy la , chances like this don't come by often lor . He where will wanna take photos one ?! Then suddenly we took like SUPER A LOT . So I decided to post it on the next blog post in the future ! 

Goodnight guys