Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It's a start .

It's a start . 
Yes , it's a start of a brand new SHOW ! 

Hahaha so JTV & SGAG
got together to make your dreams come true . JTV is a new online platform where you get to watch different shows and it's by Jteam ! Well SGAG , I bet many of you have heard of & may even be a fan of it , but just in case you don't know , click HERE for their Facebook page where they upload super funny meme jokes etc everyday !

So what did 
JTV & SGAG did together ? We always browse through meme jokes but it's always through pictures , for example like this : 

Hahahaha reading
meme jokes really brings smiles onto our faces because it's always so hilarious !!! But isn't it cool if your favorite meme jokes are actually acted out into videos O____O ?! And yes , SGAG & JTV is bringing all your meme jokes to live !!!!

Let's see what
JTV & SGAG have for us ! And yes I'm in this video too , please support
The first episode of SGAG is
really quite cool isn't it :D ?! Can't wait for more episodes to come with all your favorite memes ! You can actually suggest your favorite memes by commenting on the video and we might just act out your favorite memes ^^ ! P/S : Don't judge , I did this video before I had my hair transformation , sucks to be me again HAHHAHA . 

No you can't ahboy .

All I can say is ,
I hope more episodes of this meme jokes would be done :D 

If you shared
this video & wish for more like I do , thank you so much for your support ♥ 
And officially can't seem to fall asleep right now , hungry .