Sunday, 14 July 2013


Kinda bored in
the middle of the night right now and just decided to do a blog post before heading to bed !! 
Hahaha , I always go in and out of JB because my sister always go in to enjoy & pump petrol because things there are always a lot cheaper and affordable than to Singapore . Not that I'm encouraging you guys to do so , but I guess many people does that , if not why custom always jam ?

So recently I went
into JB again , and most of the time I head in , I go in without makeup but that very day , I decided to take a picture of my casual outfit ! If you followed me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook , you would know ! Here's my outfit to JB : 

I super love the pumps I'm wearing ! I don't usually wear those but I just particularly like this one as it gives a very vintage feel AND SUPER COMFY . Amazing soft inside lol .
Why shades ? 
BECAUSE I GOT NO MAKEUP LA . I could've said it's because it was sunny (WHICH REALLY IS SUPER SUNNY) but I didn't because let's be honest hahahhaa . Shades are seriously the best when you've got no makeup on and feel inferior about your naked face ........ but I guess I still took one without my shades covering my eyes so here it is : 

Now , you can't blame a girl for looking ugly hahaha .

So that morning , 
my sisters , aunt & dad drove into JB together , we visited some of our relatives , had lunch at some Chinese restaurant which serves rather good food with typical hot tea & then out of boredom , did some window shopping at KSL mall lol . That's where ALL OF US had yogurt . 

And I picked the
strawberry flavored yogurt !!! Most of the time when I order yogurt , I always get the original because I just like it the way it is , same goes for milk . Flavored ones always sucks for me . But when the person let me try the strawberry flavored yogurt , it tastes awesome ♥ ! 

I can also
choose whether to have it in the cup form or cone , I immediately chose cone because I always had it in the cup & the strawberry yogurt is even in a very beautiful light pink ♥_♥ super cutesy !!!! Here's one without filter haha : 

I get to 
add my own toppings after that ^^ 
TADAAAAAA !!!! HAHAHAHHAHA . To be honest , I don't like to have marshmallows or even those rainbow sprinkles mixed with yogurt butttttttttttttttttt I just wanted my yogurt to look nice la ! Sibei sampat la me LOL . But I do love BBQ-ed marshmallows hehe 

After a bit of window shopping
at KSL , we drove to our favorite massage shop and did 2 hours worth of feet & full body massage . Super shiok can ?! Then we went off to have seafood nearby ♥ 

So really , 
if you ever just wanna go in to JB for a day , things you have to do is : 
1. EAT . Seafood there is crazy cheap .
2 . MASSAGE . 
3 . DO YOUR HAIR @ KSL ! This shop charge at fixed price regardless how long your hair is . Great deal lol . 
4 . DO YOUR NAILS . I once did my nails there at this particular shop is KSL , super huge , super cheap , super good service . 
5 . SHOP (if you want , I never did though . I still prefer to shop in Singapore actually . It's just thar when I did window shopping there , everything seems so cheap . But quality wise ? I ain't sure . )
6 . PUMP PETROL & WASH YOUR CAR . If you have a car .
7 . SMOKE . LOL , cigarettes there are cheap . (DO NOT IF YOU DON'T , I DON'T WANNA BE THE BAD PERSON)

BUT P/P/P/P/S: I'm NOT encouraging anyone to do any of the above but I still seriously think it's super common in Singapore . I love Singapore , ok ? Haha shall end this blog post with a picture of a cute cat I saw in JB LOL 

Off to bed ! Thunders roaring ! Sleep tight everyone (: