Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nails ♥ !

I was so bored that 
one morning that I decided to pamper myself and give my nails a treat ! I am not an expert on nails , I even have problem shaping and painting nails myself ! Especially when I paint my right finger nails with my left hand , it always end up looking like this : 

Don't you feel me ?! Hahahha . 
So that morning I had trouble picking what colors to apply on , and tested out my top favorite colors , and from there , I picked myself neon pink ! I haven't tried neon pink at all and decided to give it a try (: 

Picture taken from my Instagram @ChrysanLee !

After about an hour 
of letting it dry and all of that buffering time , here's how it looks : 

Picture taken from my Instagram @ChrysanLee as well :D !
And in case you're
wondering , yes I painted my finger & toe nails both with a mini bottle of O.P.I !! It's such a tiny bottle it's really cute , but it probably won't last a long time at all . Just imagine if you're painting your nails and then halfway through it runs out of nail polish O_______O ! 

Hahahha anyway , 
more photos in detail (actually below are just photos that are enlarged from the previous one)

From here , you can see how tiny the bottle of O.P.I is !

Did I lie down to take this photo ? Yes . Hahahaha

That's about it ! 
A really random post but thought I would just share this with you guys ! And by the way , here's a confession : I've never tried gelish nails before , would love to try out one day ! Hehe . Anyway , in case you don't know , just THREE days back I decided to use ask.fm for the first time . 

So if you've 
any questions , direct them to my ask.fm at http://ask.fm/chrysanlee ♥ ! They will be answered everyday and also linked to my twitter at @ChrysanLee as well . See ya guys ! Mua ♥