Wednesday, 4 September 2013


As some of you know
through my Twitter / Facebook , my bro was enlisted to Kranji Camp for NS recently ! My brother & I are really really close , so the thought of him not being able to be by my side as often as before kills me a little inside . He'd always been by my side whenever I'm down , listening to my rants , taking in my nuisance & the one who wipes my tears . But well , at the age of 20 , I guess it's time for him to go for National Service ! (Not like we have a say in it lol) 

The night before , 
my brother & I randomly headed down to the petrol station nearby our house to get some tidbits , and I picked out my favorite commercial ice cream from the lot , which is Paddle Pop !!!! Hahaha bro paid for it & yes I instagram this if you've seen :D !

Not sure why I only took a picture of it when I already ate half of it hahaha

We didn't sleep though
 and went straight to his camp the next day for enlistment . I don't understand how I didn't sleep and can still be late for preparation LOL . But anyway , my family & I met up at Ridout Tea Garden Macdonald's to have breakfast ♥ !!! 

Left to Right : Eldest sister , Second sister , Brother , Bro's gf Amanda , Me ! Don't know why I smile until like that why in actual fact I'm unhappy , all photos must smile ma right LOL

Left to Right : Eldest sister , Second sister , Brother , Dad & me

Two important man of my life

After breakfast , 

we still had time to sit down and chit chat a little , especially when we are all early and not all of us live together (if you read my blog you would know) , so we had a lot to talk about ! What's more , the only son in our family going for NS , like big thing leh ! HAHAHA . 

And before leaving , 
I definitely took the chance to take more pictures with my bro so ........ here are some :D ! 
(Ok la , got zi lian photos also , pardon me !)

Very soon it was time
to go , bro & his gf took a cab there first while the rest of us waited for another one . LOL and my dad was so impatient every time he waits for a cab , he literally can go all the way into the middle of the road just to get a cab lor . 

I swear , 
after a really long time then did we get a cab ! The traffic was so busy but we still managed to reach the destination on time ^^ And ever heard that the Taxi is also a girl's photo booth ? Yea it is , and this is what happens LOL : 

Hardly put on makeup ma , let me zi lian a bit when I got chance k . HAHAHA 

And when we reached ,
 we had to separate with my brother really quickly as they need to register and prep themselves for a pledge or something like that (I guess) . So we were given seats to rest and erm door gifts ? Haha which contains a notebook , london choco roll and a bottle of mineral bottle if I didn't recall wrongly ! 

Later on , the people
there brought us all around the important places of the camp such as the gym , bunks , etc to take a look and explain to us about it's facilities which took quite awhile and we had to travel in a tour bus . Which shows that the camp is pretty big . I sound so suaku typing all these hahaha . 

And guess what ? 
We were really lucky that not only did we get to witness my bro get his hair shaved , we even get to shave it ourselves before the hairdresser does ! HAHAHA . And of course , ALL OF US took one shave and I was the third to do so . And I videoed down of course , and for your entertainment , it was actually on Facebook & Instagram as well . If you missed the video of me shaving my bro's hair , here it is : 

Hilarious ! 
He was so annoyed by all of us hahaha . I actually have the full process of ALL OF US shaving his hair though . But I guess I wouldn't upload it unless you guys are really dying to watch . But I trimmed my part out for Insta ! 

Later on , 
it was photo taking session . We had to stand in front of a background which features which 'company' my brother is from in the camp ^^ 

Left to Right : Dad , Amanda , Brother , Me , Eldest sister , Second sister

And this is the one I have in hard copy , the army printed this photo out ! Left to Right : Dad , Eldest sister , Amanda , Brother , Me & Second sister .

Anyway , here's a random fact .
Did you know that my dad actually went to NS 44 years ago ? LOL ok . 

After the photo taking
and all , the best part and the most exciting part of the day is here ! It is to taste army food ! I was really excited about that , maybe it's because I'm just greedy but who doesn't wanna try army food ? And I must say , what they served us was really good stuff , but I don't think they really eat that everyday -_________- 

Why don't they try
serving 'normal' army food to us instead ? So we truly know what they usually eat inside , but not just present the best to us all the time /: 

Basically everyone gets a bowl of soup , chicken , bread (butter optional) , good amount of veggie , fishcake & mashed potato ! We also get served with ice cream LOL

Very soon , 
it was the end of my half day journey at Kranji Camp sending my bro off ............ ): 

After shaving his hair , looks like ex-convict hor ? HAHAHHA *they were all made to tuck in their shirts btw*

It's really sweet of my brother to still make funny faces in pictures for us and acted so carefree just to make us smile (': No kidding , he just likes to make funny faces I think LOL

Father & son both the same , like to make funny faces

Time passed really fast , 
and I swear everyday , I miss you very much dearest bro ♥ The first day without you at home was the toughest though . I'm not used to having the whole house to myself now , I miss you , I look forward to every weekends in the future when you book out :* ! 

Alright , ending this blog post
with a picture of my brother's bald head that has a scar slightly at the bottom because when he was younger , he actually fell into a deep drain in Malaysia just because he wanted to catch a spider for a battle with my cousins lol . He got stitches for it . By young , I mean really young . 

Might be blogging again tonight ^^ !!!