Thursday, 5 September 2013


As some of you 
who followed me on twitter would know , I always meet my dad every now & then to have dinner together and it's always very impromptu . But the other day in the morning , I just casually asked what he was up to being awake in the morning hahaha and we ended up meeting each other for lunch !!

He came to fetch
me at my place and we headed off somewhere near Jalan Besar to have lunch at his favorite beef noodle store !!! And obviously we had beef noodles haha . And it was the EXACT same store I had with him years back as a child with the rest of the family members . He always love the beef noodles from that particular store & never stopped patronizing them hahaha . 

I actually did
an instavideo of us having lunch there but my Instagram couldn't upload the video lol fml .
Beef balls (pls think nicely HAHA) with beehoon , traditional looking huh ? The soup base is actually very bland , not much of a taste but there's just something very addictive about it . 

Something you might hate
 while having it though is that you would definitely sweat like a bull . I don't know why !!! Every time I have this with my dad , we will always be sweating really badly lol . Maybe it's just the climate but I believe it has something to do with eating this . But on the other hand when you're done with the entire bowl , very shiok la !!! ^^ 

So then after lunch , 
we still had some time before he needs to collect his stuffs , so my dad brought me to a nearby shopping mall and all I wanted was a casual window shopping . I didn't even intend to spend money on that day (which I really didn't in the end)

But guess what ?
 For every shop I go into casually browsing or items that I've touched , my dad would quickly appear by my side and say "buy la , it's okay just buy only , daddy pay" . And I would be like , "nooooooooo daddy I'm just looking !!!" It's like I'm really just browsing stuffs and then he would kan chiong-ly appear by my side and tell me to buy those stuffs like really dad . 

In the end ..... 
he bought so many things for me wtf & he still wanted me to continue shopping saying , "daddy also not every time bring you come out shopping . Next time wanna go shop or what tell daddy lor " 

My loots of that day all items purchased by my dad who overly dotes on me LOL

Above are Garnier products , 
Hello kitty products , dresses , tops , bottoms , & Dolly wink lashes . I passed by Watsons and I told my dad that Dolly Wink is the brand of lashes I always use ! So I started browsing at them , holding three packages of it not knowing which one to pick and in the end my dad just grabbed all three from my hands and paid for it at the counter wtf . Blessed enough !!!!

And really , 
I believe my dad are doing all these because he can see that I've been upset lately . Not only that , just recently he paid for clothes that my bro's girlfriend and I wanted to buy when we were out with him . I kept snatching the bill from him but he still paid in the end or stuffed money at me . He just wants to make me happy and give me everything when he's with me . Thank you dad , really . 

Okay back to topic ! 
Then after doing all the mini shopping & collecting his items , we settled down at a Chinese restaurant for dinner :D ! I thought we were ordering rice at first so I didn't order much side dishes . 

Hahahaha yup so
above was the dinner we had at a Chinese Restaurant which I don't even remember it's name . I miss the xiao long bao already ! But if I'm not wrong , my dad is a regular there . We ordered a small kettle of korean tea to share LOL . Damn shiok plz hot tea is the best ♥ 

After dinner , 
he headed back home while I went to Expo to accompany my sister ! Again , I wasn't intending to purchase anything . But my sister who saw me being very moody , surprised me with a cute crystallized stylus for my iPhone in pink !!!! I feel so thankful for everything ♥ 

In case you're 
wondering why is it that everyone knows I'm so down and upset , you would know if you had seen my twitter . Been raging down there like crazy the past WEEK ! But everything is alright now , it's just a break up . I'm still young , you're still young . Life is unpredictable , let bygones be bygones , let's all stay happy ^^ !!!! 

By the way , 
that day I also came across a small store selling macaroons and out of temptation I bought it !!! Tastes super good hehe .  I really love macaroons personally , especially TWG ones !

Rose , Vanilla & Strawberry flavored macaroons !

Alright that's about all that day ^^ 
Any recommendations on polaroid cameras ? I'm intending to purchase a Hello kitty one but it's those few normal ones with similar designs on it . Is there a polaroid online store that you guys know of with more unique printings or provides customization for your cameras ? Like a layer of design that goes over your camera ! 

If there's any , 
do let me know and I'll check them out ! Tell me or if you do have any questions , ask at ask.fm/chrysanlee ^^