Monday, 28 October 2013

The SHA Hydrating Light Lotion

Sponsored Review

Yes ! Today's beauty product
to be reviewed is the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion ♥ ! Before taking up this sponsorship & heading down for their event , I told my niece about it & she was going crazy ! Why ? Because she loves Hada Labo & started showing me all the Hada Labo products she uses . Well , I must say that Hada Labo is indeed loved by many ! Because even my sister uses it . 

Also , not long back Hada Labo
sponsored me & before accepting the sponsorship , I merely tweeted , "hmmm should I accept a sponsorship from Hada Labo ?" and people started replying & saying that I really should because they've tried Hada Labo products and they love it ! Even many bloggers do too , and honestly , I've been using Hada Labo's whitening lotion since then . 

the best part is that the same bottle of Hada Labo that I've used from the start hasn't run out of lotion yet ! It is still 3/4 full omfg (I just checked before posting this) . Not that I didn't use , I use it every single day but it's just a very worthy product because a little goes a long way . I always only use a few drops as recommended and it easily spreads all over my face ! Same goes for the hydrating and whitening milks which should be applied after we use the lotions and FYI I only used one drip for my face & it's actually sufficient O_O 

Alright ! So to start off
my review , here's the SHA Hydrating Light Lotion that I'm reviewing : 

This one is best suited for
oily and combination skin or those who prefer to use skincare products which gives a much lighter texture ! Of course it doesn't mean you must have oily skin to use this because after all they focus on locking in our skin's natural moisture for better hydration hence improving dry & dehydrated skin making it easier for us to achieve soft and supple skin that everyone yearns for ♥ ! 
If somehow you're like 
me who's dying to become fairer and AT THE SAME TIME care for our skin , you can always opt for the whitening one in blue as seen below ! : 
The SHA series . SHA : Super Hyaluronic Acid
 The smaller ones are hydrating milks
that should be applied after the lotions as stated before . It can be hard to differentiate them in the stores , but no worries because you can always read the English description at the back of the bottle itself :D ! 
When I first used
the SHA Hydrating Light Lotion , I'm really shocked & impressed ! Shocked but how non sticky it is when the other lotions we use always tends to be so sticky :@ !!! However the SHA Hydrating Light Lotion makes my skin feel so hydrated & breathable . I used it along with the hydrating milk which is thicker in consistency , at first I felt it was a little thick so I didn't care much . But a few minutes later GUESS WHAT ? My skin feels extremely refreshed with a cooling sensation and when I touched my skin it wasn't sticky AT ALL but feels cooling and soft with a healthy glow ! Impressed by it really . At the same time when I touched my skin , it feels as if there's nothing applied onto it ..

The other day
I saw my niece using it before makeup and it works perfect too . Hada labo aims to be perfect and simple and it really is ! How can this not be simple to use ?! I can't find any other moisturizers , lotions or toners that can be used to simply & little quantity needed every time you do . Money saver LOL . 

I must also mention
why it's so cool because the SHA Hydrating Light Lotions can now be used as both a cleanser & a lotion . Cleanser in the sense that you can use it to remove impurities right after you remove your makeup & continue to use it in a patting motion as a lotion . DOUBLE USAGE !!!! 

I'm more like raving
over this product than to reviewing it lor because it's really awesome I love how my skin looks ! In case you're wondering how it looks , I took pictures of my skin during the Hada Labo event ! I had to remove my makeup for the pictures lor ): But that's where you can truly see how's my skin like right ? Here you go ! : 

And also a little Instavideo I made : 

Hada Labo has this principle that
they would not use any unnecessary ingredients in their products . Therefore it is FREE of fragrance , mineral oil , alcohol & colorant which can be harmful to our skin hence , it is a very comfortable product to be used daily . Also , with no unnecessary ingredients would also mean that the chances of our skin being irritated by the product is minimized to almost zero !!!! 

Back then people
recommended my Hada Labo & I don't regret using it so now as a blogger I pledge that whatever I've said is true and I want you guys to give it a try too :D ! Soooooooo , I wanted to giveaway the Hada Labo products but then I'm too greedy I really wanna keep for myself HAHHAHA . 

But fret not ! 
I understand that most people wouldn't wanna spend money on products they have yet to try . So take this opportunity to redeem yourself a FREE sample from : http://www.samplestore.com/product/details/800/0/name-hada-labo-sha-hydrating-lotion !!! Do note that the redemption starts on 29 October 2013 . Try it out & you would know it's worth it ! 

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