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Need to get 
affordable clothes , bags , shoes , accessories & MUCH MORE items all in one shop with DISCOUNT ?! Don't even worry about it because I have exactly what you need . All you have to do is to read this post & the promo quotes are at the end :D It's ...........

*drum roll* 


Tiny me outside Space Invasion

Q : So what's Space Invasion ?

Space Invasion is a flagship pop-up retail store powered by For Flea Sake !
For Flea Sake are like the biggest flea organization in Singapore where they host really good flea markets & events all over Singapore every single day ! And now they've Space Invasion where they have products of all the different popular & famous blog shop brands together along with brands that you can see out in the market as well ! And those brands that sell their products in Space Invasion are called The Invaders , super cute :D

And I must say that
The Invaders are all really up to standard as they are either brands that belongs to bloggers or really famous blog shops & I just have to list them all down below to let you guys know ! 

So many brands for you to shop from ♥ !

Few months back , 
I was invited to Space Invasion's VIP launch where I get to see all the fashionable items and products up & there are already sooooooooooo much things I wanna get from there so when I knew they are gonna invite me over again to SHOP FOR FREE I WAS LIKE GOING CRAZY !!!! SO HAPPY HAHAHHA .

A little side track here ,
 the moment I get into Space Invasion , I just wanna take a picture for my ootd which I did because the environment there is soooo pretty & their staff is super friendly to help me take the pictures and even recommend which spot is more suitable for a ootd shot . I feel that shopping in a comfortable environment with good service is very important . Just like Space Invasion , they play good music in their store & have got super friendly staffs !! It makes my shopping with them so much better & happier :D 

I hate it a lot when 
when staffs just have to kajiao (disturb) you when you're browsing their items . But at Space Invasion , we can just spend our own sweet time browsing without being disturbed and the staff will assist you immediately when you seek for help :D

so yes ootd

And because Space Invasion
puts in a lot of effort in terms of how the shop should look like , whenever I'm outside the shop , I feel like rushing inside to shop straight because of the 'start' word in front of the shop (as seen below) . So now let me bring you on my 'journey' to Space Invasion :D !

Can you imagine ? 20 over awesome labels in one shop just for you !

Wide range of clothes for BOTH female & male . Did I mention they actually also sell very unique & cutesy high wasted bikinis that some actually comes along with a veil etc ? SUPER COOL !

They also sell beauty products for you ladies , not to forget , perfume too :D !

Blogger Qiuqiu's very own brand , the girlyMAKE counter :D !

girlyMAKE have a wide range of eyelashes to choose from even brown lashes that all girls love ! Not to mention , girlyMAKE also have double eyelid tapes but as you can see soooo many of the eyelashes were out of stock as they are highly in demand !

By the cashier counter , there are really cute keychains , stickers , phone USB cables , earpieces & really cool stuffs at mad affordable prices !!

Snapbacks are so popular nowadays and we always have to order them online & but you can now get them in Space Invasion too !

All sorts of accessories & shades :D

Even beauty products ?! SALUTE .

These two racks are clothes that are up on sale ! They go up to 50% off omg

Just in case if you're wondering (which I did) if there's a changing room , yes there is ! Really convenient if you just wish to try out something before you buy it :D

Belts & shoes ^^

I have to say I LOVE SULLI's undies ! Sulli's owner gave me a few pairs & I REALLY LOVE IT . Their designs are always so cute & special ! It's super comfy & of good material . Thin yet durable and not leaving ugly panty lines . But look !!! Almost all the designs are sold out but they always stock it up ASAP :D

I actually spent a few hours there
till I'm done with my shopping because there's just too much to choose from ! But finally , I got my favorite picks within the budget (and some that's out of the budget but Space Invasion's owner super nice give it to me for free thank you !!!!)

Super happy with my buys at the Space Invasion :D 

Ready to see what I got that day ? Here it is ! :

1. Girly pastel pink floral dress

The straps are adjustable& the bust area is padded (ooooooo ladies you know that's bonus) LOL

It is of a super comfortable silky skin fit material , super love !! It is also available in many other colors & designs .

Even to the little details , it is perfect

There's actually another layer inside the bottom part of the dress to give volume so the dress wouldn't look too dull if it's just flat . So girls with small asses like me don't have to worry HAHAHA

2. Pastel pink & turquoise bralet ♥__

This is actually not my size but I still got it anyway because the pastel combination is too pretty ! I mean how long does it take to alter anyway ?! Grabbing what's nice is important !  And the cupcake printing is so cute & attention seeking (I like) LOL .

The back view of it . It is also available in different colors . This bralet is so unique I don't think I can find it anywhere else !

Matching zip

3. Basic Black shorts

This item is on sale ! I got it only at $14 after a 50% off O_O . I love the silky-like material that's extremely cooling & the frills at the bottom adds a different look to it rather than it being plain ^^

4. Rosy Pink snapback !

Made in Korea

I love this one so much because even though it states 'boy' on top , it's actually 'girl' on the other side ! So different from the rests

Again , it is adjustable ^^

5. Black rounded vintage shades with gold lining

I got this one at only $12.90 & I hardly see any rounded shades that looks good because they always make us look stupid . But this one just looks exceptionally different ! I guess you just have to find one that suits you . Don't worry because there's a wide range of shades for you to choose from :D

I love how the gold matches with black so well & the little details by the side of the shades give a light vintage feel to it :D

I wore it out few days ago though :D

6. And finally girlyMAKE's brown eyelashes (Puppy Eyes no.4) ♥ !!!

Brown lashes are so highly in demand these days as it's very natural and not boring from all the black ones . However it is also very rare out there in the market . This one is so well made you can easily get them now at Space Invasion !

As much as I'm happy
with what I got myself at Space Invasion , I'm also very upset that I didn't get all the other clothes I tried ! I actually tried on other clothes , picked out bikinis & wanting to get all those pretty accessories , clutches & undies ................. But I couldn't get them because I'm already off budget so I had to force myself to pick out the top few that I really love . It's such a pity but I bet I'm gonna back again to get the items I didn't :@ ! 

I didn't have much problem
with the sizing even though I'm petite because most of their clothes there are either adjustable or free size ! The thing is , having so many brands put together , you will surely find things that you want , need & a must have . 

And if I have to recommend
anything , I really have A LOT to recommend . But to list a few , I would say go for the bikinis (they're too unique to be missed out) , the brown eyelashes by girlyMAKE , the pastel bralets , Sulli's undies , dresses (unbelievably cheap) & go check out the racks which are on sales before they're gone ! Tip is , just take your time and browse , get them if you really like it . What's most important about shopping is getting what you like . Fashion is where you mix & match and make it work (;

Space Invasion 
is a really worthy place to shop at as the fact that they put all the brands together makes shopping so much easier for us . Instead of shopping online with multiple different orders , waiting for them to send us the parcels , we can just head down to Space Invasion to get all the things we want at one goal . What's more it's not items that are of bad quality but brands that are known by people nowadays . They provide everything you need from top to toe & because they are mostly items from blog shops , new stocks will always come in . The latest fashion WILL BE AT SPACE INVASION . 

There must be a reason why sometimes 
people queue outside Space Invasion just to be the first to get inside right ? And the best part is , I have promo codes for you guys this month which allows you to get discount ! The pricing is affordable & reasonable , they don't jack up prices like how some blog shop does . Another plus point is that , they sell male clothing too , so what makes you think couples can't shop together (; ? 

Before I end this blog post , 
 here's the discount code I promise to give . Watch the video below and you will know :D 

If somehow you can't hear me clearly (it's understandable) ,
I was saying that you can now quote 'Can Chrysan Cram in a Clean Cream Can' when you check out at the Space Invasion to get $2 off as long as you spend $20 in a single receipt ! But only in till the end of November 2013 okay ! November is my birthday month , so go shop at Space Invasion and remember to quote to get discounts ♥ ! 

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Space Invasion is located at : 
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #03-15/16, Singapore 229233

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you would always be the first to know whether there's discounts or anything before everyone else ! The person who knows the earliest always gets the best things first (; 

Anyway below is the NG
shots of me at Space Invasion , have a good laugh HAHAHA & don't forget to shop at Space Invasion ! Spread the love ♥