Friday, 31 January 2014

The CNY Hairstyle

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First of all ,
Happy Chinese New Year everyone !!! Whether you celebrate CNY or not , I hope you guys are having fun today ! So anyway , recently I went down to J7IMAGE for my monthly hair appointment with them . Initially I thought I was just gonna touch up my roots , but seems like my hairstylist , Jeft have something special for me since it's CNY ♥_♥ 

And my new hairstyle for Chinese New Year (; ? TADAAAAA ! : 

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I swear I loveeeeeeeee
what Jeft had done for me ♥ he's always so full of surprises and creativity . Most importantly , my stay at J7IMAGE have always been enjoyable because the staff there are like a big family , they are always so friendly and joking around with them makes my day even better :D 

And one thing that J7IMAGE has improved on ? Customer service ! I was immediately served with hot tea along with my favorite Ferrero Rocher the moment I sat down , so soothing ♥ !

Jeft hardly tells me what he's gonna do to my hair , but this time I got to see the colors first ! First thing in my mind - I'm definitely gonna leave this salon with nice hair . This is how much I trust J7IMAGE's work .

Jeft always handle his customer's hair really meticulously .

As usual , 
I'm very impressed by their head massages , it's always so comfortable no matter who does it for me . Previously , Cheryl (one of the hairstylist) did the head massage for me & I totally fell in love with it . This time , I have Jeft massaging for me and it's equally good ! I mean , it can be quite tiring for hairstylists to do this for EVERY customer in their salon , but they still always put in 100% into their work for the customers . 

One thing I noticed
about J7IMAGE is that , not only do they put in their best to achieve the kind of hairstyles people want , they also make sure their customers enjoy and feel comfortable when they're in the salon . This is something that I feel many other salons always neglect . In J7IMAGE , I never ever feel awkward . 

The A.S.P hair treatment series !

And after washing my hair , I was wondering
what treatment they're gonna do for me since my hair before that was still alright since the last time I had treatment done at their salon ! Once again , Jeft showed me a new series of hair treatment that was being used on me for this month : 

This formula is being applied onto my hair , it'll be able to moisturize my hair & re-balance the pH level of my hair so it wouldn't be too dry after bleaching also with the help of UV filter , vitamin A & E . Ideal for people who wants to bleach their hair (:

However that's not the end
of haircare ! Jeft also used something really really cool on my hair and that's the Nano Mist Treatment ! It is actually distilled water that is being dispersed from the Nano Mist machine , the molecules of the water is smaller which seeps into our hair a lot easier and hence , keeping our hair moisturized instantly .

Jeft using the Nano Mist treatment on me , the formula is so fine you barely see it here !
I was quite skeptical about
how Jeft claim that it would instantly moisturize my hair at first . But after touching the part of my hair that's being treated with Nano Mist and the one without , the difference is drastic ! My hair felt sooooo soft I don't even know how that happened O_O

Monthly hair care is extremely
important , doing treatments once in awhile would only make your hair look nice for a period of time . However , if you consistently get your hair treated , your hair would definitely improve in time to come . To be honest , ever since my hair was sponsored by J7IMAGE , I worry less about my hair looking ugly .... My hair used to be so damaged , you can read up in my previous blog post for them . But ever since they took over , my hair condition have been SOOO much better . I'm thankful for stylists who knows what's best for you . 

  So after blow drying & trimming ...

He replaced my previous brown top with maroon red , my blonde was sectioned extremely evenly to 3 parts into purple , electric blue & pink with a tint of orange . And my bottom black based remained the same for a healthy look :D

Love how the colors work together ♥ !

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Thank you Jeft , for always putting in so much effort in all your customers & I love the treatments !

Where all the nice people are : 

 14 Scotts Road 
 #02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213 
P/S : They are closed on the 7th of every month
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on J7IMAGE , you may visit their website at www.j7image.com and hurry book your hair appointments now - 6735 5195 ♥ Remember to make use of the discount code to save money ! 

Note : They are now closed for CNY and business will resume on 5th February 11AM .