Sunday, 2 February 2014

Smokey Saturday !

Ever since I started
schooling , Saturdays became so much more important when in the past , it was just a normal day for me . But right now , THEY ARE HEAVEN . It represents a day where I get to take a day off from school and spending it at home wasn't really what I want . So out of boredom , I asked if Ginity wanted to hang out yesterday ! 

Every single time we
choose to meet up , it's always super impromptu . So I just suggested sheesha and without any second thoughts , we prepared & headed out straight away for a night out ♥ As usual , Nasrin Restaurant would be the best place for sheesha , and this time lucky enough to get seats !! To start off this blog post , here's my outfit last night :

At Nasrin Restaurant

Ginity being funny hahahahha

I ordered vanilla flavored sheesha
for myself and kiwi orange mint for Ginity . But the thing is , I asked the staff to surprise me with a flavor instead since I couldn't make up my mind on what flavor to choose next . Which is why he got us the kiwi orange mint ! And I was so happy because I finally got to order vanilla flavored sheesha . Every single timme I come for sheesha , vanilla would always be unavailable lol .

Ordered the Rosehip tea since the first time I tried it with my bff , Peixin it's really damn nice !!!!!

Ordered the Pepperoni Pizza ♥ I've a very sad ending to it , you'll know why at the end of the blog post lol


After staying there
till the shop close , we went off and I instantly felt extremely unwell . So I told Ginity about it and I decided to just sit down somewhere so I can rest . I started to feel worst and I told her I felt like vomiting , awhile after that , I started to vomit so damn fucking badly . But the thing is , I was laughing while vomiting HAHAHAHA it was so unglam but funny at the same time . I don't know what I found so amusing , but I just find it really funny for me to suddenly vomit and Ginity started laughing as well .

Also , I gagged on my own
vomit because I was laughing lololol . Sick , I know . But it's really hilarious okay ! I even took photos of the vomit thinking I could blog about it but ....... I thought that would be too gross because you would see the mouth watering pizza turn into disgusting vomit lol .

after vomiting , Ginity said , "It will come again" . 1-2 seconds after which , I INDEED VOMITED AGAIN LOL and Ginity was shocked not because she was right about it , but because I vomited again this fast O_O . Hilarious seriously . I instantly felt energetic after that and we just laughed off about it and went home HAHA .

Sounds like a boring day ,
but it was really so enjoyable to me . You know that feeling wh
ere you just sit down with your friends , catch up and talk about anything . It's a nice feeling (:

Ending this blog post with this :

Goodnight guys !
School for me tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwww