Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Gathering ♥

Before heading for
my hair appointment last week , I had a gathering with the three companies under For Jake Sake , namely : For Flea Sake , Mousetrap & Space Invasion ♥ ! Which explains why the I'm having my old hairstyle in this blog post . And PLEASE SEE : In this blog post I have NO MAKE UP ON and I KENA SORE EYES LA ): Like both my eyes wtf . 

To show you how bad my
sore eyes were that day , here it is . BEWARE : 


But I really wouldn't wanna
miss meeting all of them again .... I always have so much fun when I'm with them & that day , I got to know the new bloggers who recently joined Mousetrap too !! Besides being the ugliest bitch there , I dressed really ... casual . Resort what wear so nice for what ): !!!!

I reached slightly
earlier than some and surprisingly Parisa was already there :D 

Parisa and I ♥ Yes I know I look hideous in specs . But sore eyes cannot wear contact lens what you want me to doooooo ):

My manager even brought her puppy here super qt ♥ !!!!!

And later on I was introduced to the super friendly Amanda who recently joined us (:

Oh and that day I was 
sooooooooooo pissed off with some stupid female driver . It's okay if you don't know how to get to the place I want . But if I were to give you the directions , just fucking go and not argue with me & scolding me that it's wrong AND SPEAKING TO ME LIKE YOU'RE MY MOM wtf . She really spoke to me like she's my mother . SO pissed off . I don't get pissed often at all and I'm always polite to people regardless how they treat me because this is my principle . And then after I told her the directions in which SHE DENIED , HA ! In her face , we reached the location (: 

So anyway , the ones who reached
first were all playing games and not long later , the buffet came ♥_♥ !!!! 

The fried rice tastes awesome

Guess what's this ? It's actually entirely scrambled egg !!!!

Creamie puffs behind !!

Awesome peeps

They just randomly came into my frame while I was taking pictures of the food hahahha
Immediately once the buffet
was set up , everyone started feasting hahahaha it was so fun because after that all of us decided to play some games ! The best thing is so many of us know each other better so naturally after chatting with random people over the buffet hahaha .

During the games , 
we didn't even sit in groups sticking to our own people . Instead , we decided to mix around with random people in all the three companies :D 

People doing forfeit hahaha

Forfeit again

Biggest forfeit hahahaha

With the bloggers ! See what I mean by under-dressed ? HAHAHA and I'm looking so shitty beside them with specs hahaha

My two qt pie ♥ Isabel deliberately made her eyes look bigger for fun because we're making fun of how our eyes look extremely small beside Aurelia's ! And Aurelia was already trying to make her eyes look smaller wtf

Cheryl trying to prank someone else hahhahaha she's our happy pill

Isabel trying to open a coconut hahhaha

Amanda joins in the fun !

Parisa taking selfie with my camera I didn't even know until I look through the pictures at home !!

Kent what you day dreaming about hahaha

The BBQ man yay our savior . We had BBQ after the buffet !

All trying to break open the coconut husk omg

The people from FFS also got themselves a coconut and the brick apparently broke because of the coconut was too hard when they slammed against it LOL

Finally the FFS managed to open it up !!! Mousetrap girls still trying to open hahaha

BBQ-ed marshmallows as well !

Hairdo on Aurelia done by Isabel

Hair done by Isabel too hehe . She didn't even use a rubberband !

At the end of the day , 
I stayed until morning with some of the crews spending our night playing card games and it was so fun !!!! It's nice to spend time with them feeling our bond getting stronger (: I got a little bored at some point in time and my boss decided to show me a magic trick . He allowed me to pick out the card that I like which is 8 of hearts as seen below :

He mixed all the cards together ,
however all facing downwards so I wouldn't be able to see the cards and where my favorite card is placed at . So he asked me to treat all the cards as the guys around me and pick a few I like , a few I love etc etc and leaving only one card behind .... in the end the card that was left behind was actually the 8 of hearts which I said was my favorite ...... Even though it's just a magic trick , it's as if in life we always choose people who looks attractive to us . "They may all look the same but inside them they are different" - That's what my boss said after I told him , "how to choose they all look the same !!" 

It was really a fulfilling day at the resort with them

Time to crash right now !!
School tomorrow at 12 noon and just had pastamania for supper with the family hehe . Goodnight guys (;