Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Cafe Date

I have major love for cafes .
Yes cafes ! Two days back I was in a really grumpy mode so Jared was nice enough to bring me out on a date HAHAHA . He didn't tell me where we were going though & I was skeptical about how nice 'the place' would be and really , I don't wanna end up visiting a place that I don't even like . But before anything else , here's my casual outfit for that day :

We met up at 
Bugis MRT and the stupid thing was he took out his map and tried to get to the cafe he wanted to bring me to - Which means he didn't even know how to get there HAHAHAHA . But within minutes from walking , we reached our destination because it's only at Haji Lane !

We arrived at I Am Cafe

It isn't air conditioned 
but a place that is really vintage looking and I swear the moment I sat down , I'm in love with it ! I love vintage cafes like this , bricks as walls & just listening to the ceiling fans spin . One of the reasons why I really like chilling at cafes is because it takes me off from reality awhile ... It's really relaxing & feels even better when you've a companion who enjoys this as much as you do . In this case , I'm glad I've Jared with me (: 

I didn't get
to try the main courses here though because it seems like we weren't here for the main course but something that Jared wanted to surprise me with . And that is - Rainbow cake that I've been only casually talked to him about recently . One thing that I also love on par with cafes are - desserts especially cakes . My day couldn't get any better

I get satisfied 
really easily with the things I like ... Just how often do we get to enjoy like this ? 

Forks in a jar hahaha

RAINBOW CAKE ♥_♥ !!!!!!

Every single time I take a picture of him I go , "Jared can you look normal ?" HAHAHA

Changed my eyeliner to black that day

Tastes so gooooooooooood , I'm really surprised that I'm loving the cake itself more than the cream's existence when usually , I'm a sucker for cake's cream LOL

It's just really really nice 
to chit chat in a quiet cafe with great ambiance over dessert . So fucking fine  


We took a walk everywhere we could ,
and guess what ? We're hungry ! We headed off to Cineleisure and settled for down for Nihon Mura :D  

Waiting for our seats , not sure what he was trying to do

Sibei kanchiong and excited for food , and for the first time in my life the best salmon sashimi IS here . Not sure if it's my luck that their salmon was fucking fresh that day or it's always that good .

Yay ! Dinner on Jared ! LOL

Sorry I stuffed all of the Edamame into your mouth Jared , but it's too funny how you allowed me to do so HAHAHA
And after dinner ,
I WAS MAD HAPPY because my bestie is coincidentally at Cineleisure too . Was so fucking happy I kept asking him to get out of the mall quickly . It's been a long time since I last saw you bestieeeeeeeeeeee and right now you're botak already ♥ 

I'm so happy to see him (':

Hehe my day was so complete ,
I can't even ask for more . To end off our day , we decided to catch Robocop at 11PM ! I love love love Robocop's story line and the way they portray it . That genuine feeling and emotions of a person are always strong enough to overcome almost anything . That love will not end unless you do not fight . Humans are just such complex creatures . The ratings of that movie is really high , not sure about how you look at it but I do recommend people to watch it ! 

Ending this blog post 
with the trailer of Robocop for your convenience if you would like to catch it . Good day guys (; !