Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Father's Day

Happy belated Father's Day
to all amazing fathers around (: The relationship between my dad & I have been a little tensed up these days ... Not sure when it started but it's been that way for quite some time now . Honestly , it's all because of me . 

I've been in such bad mood , 
stressed up with studies , monetary issues (super abrupt) and so much more . With my father constantly asking me about my studies and my relationship (which again I do not have a boyfriend) is making me distant myself from him . Distant in a sense that I've been avoiding my dad , hoping to have as little conversation as possible just so I wouldn't feel so stressed up . Aargh , talking about this is already making me feel so suffocated . 

I've no idea how I'm
supposed to reciprocate his kindness & concerns over me especially how he notices I'm upset with something everyday and he can't do anything about it must've been tough on him too ... I really want him to know I acknowledge his concerns & I would try my best to be fine soon but all I wanna do these days when I step into my house is just to be alone . It's been this bad for me . Lot's of things in my mind & really , being alone is already the best for me . It stresses me out even more when my father decides to ask me what's wrong . You feel me ?

I feel so bad already . 
But there are just things I really don't wish to discuss about with him and I hope he understands ... not because I don't love him or I find him a nuisance . However I sense that he thinks I don't love him or find him annoying which is 100% untrue sigh . Papa please know that I mean every single 'I love you' I send to you occasionally before you go to work and even when I don't send those texts , I still do & always will . I hope he knows , my father is a pro stalker . He'd probably see this haha . 

So anyway one day
before Father's Day my siblings and I decided to head out for dinner with my father & his girlfriend etc to sort of celebrate Father's Day in advance ! It feels more like a family gathering than to a celebration of course hahaha . But here's my outfit that night : 
Top : H&M Bottoms : F21 Clutch : @lalalandsg

It was really impromptu
and we headed off to Bangkok Jam in Plaza Sing ! It's only my second time dining at Bangkok Jam , the first time it was with Lindsay which is only a few blog posts down !!! And apparently I ordered the same dish with the same drink as I did before hahaha . Talk about Thai food , I really wanna go to my favorite Thai restaurant again some day , anybody please ): ??

Bro's girlfriend joined us too :D !

Cute coasters for your drinks hahaha

Chicken phad thai with thai iced tea again hahaha


And then this happened during dinner hahaha :

Family shot ♥ ! Please do not mistake my eldest sis as my mom or my second sis as me thank you . It happens . LOL

After dinner , 
all of us headed off to Mind Cafe nearby ! A little background information about Mind Cafe , it is basically just a cafe for you and your friends or whatever to chill there with tons of board games available to play .

So , initially I was really very annoyed
 by how it was sooooooooooooooo fucking crazy noisy in there with people shouting screaming (because they're all playing games) . Also it's a little cramp up in there I would say . Especially how waiters/waitresses still need to raise their voice when they serve us or explain the games to us just because it's really so noisy in there .

But then later I realize , 
when you're into the games with your friends or family as well , you wouldn't care about the noise anymore . You'd just enjoy and who gives a fuck about how noisy you are . So obviously you'd be noisy too . But yea just saying , if you really can't take noisy/crowded places , please do not opt for Mind Cafe to play board games .

With my second sister

Amanda's hand HAHAHHA

I was disappointed with the dessert though , only had 1/4 of it . Didn't try the rest so yea . Just my personal opinion .


Overall it was a alright
experience in Mind Cafe , people there are generally very helpful and polite ! But definitely did had fun . I guess the key is to find a game that you'll enjoy playing , otherwise it's really a waste of time hahahha . Like my dad , he left shortly after x:

Ahhhhhhhhhhh honestly I'm feeling very down right now
soooooooooooo , gonna end this blog post already . Goodnight guys (: