Monday, 16 June 2014

Tired day at the office

HAHA yes , the above
picture looks exactly like how I am today . As posted on my Instagram with the caption , "My day so far 😪 like wadafuggggggggg what am I supposed to doooooooooo" And then people start having this misconception that I was bored to death & didn't know what to do when in actual fact , I was referring to my own conflicted mind . 

What I'm trying to say is ,
I've been thinking so much about my own issues such as relationship (mostly , p/s: I'm single) , that I'm starting to feel tired and worn out . I'm so mentally dead and it's affecting me physically too . I don't understand how can 1 person make you feel so broken like you're worth nothing . Ever felt so down you just don't feel like doing anything at all ? Like the best would be just to lie down forever with no one disturbing you & your thoughts ? 

Or maybe just drain out all your thoughts ? (Because if I'm capable of that I would) .
Most of the time I just hope to fall asleep & wake up to having my problems miraculously solved . But obviously that's not gonna happen to me . I've been contemplating about whether or not I should blog about my current r/s issue here like the past but I thought this one's way toooooo personal & I guess that's the max I can share here . Sigh , shall blog more about it next time ! 

And since I started off
with that picture , I'd blog about what I did on the day ! I also took another video diary and uploaded it up on my Instagram , let me know if I should make more video diaries on my ask.fm ! Basically that day I didn't sleep at all , headed to school straight & decided to head down to ForJakeSake's office straight after school !

And yes , 
MousetrapTV is under ForJakeSake so technically it is also MousetrapTV's office ! So that day my manager , Jesslyn was there and she took COUNTLESS shots for my #ootd and finally I picked out this one : 
Top : H&M Bottom : Blogshop Festival 2013 Parka : Bugis street Shades : Space Invasion
If I can , I'm gonna
collect & get different cool badges and pin it all over the parka lol I mean that's totally one of the reasons why I got this parka !!! It's meant to be like that ok . HAHAHA .

Not only did Jesslyn help me
take all the pictures that day , Cheryl did too ! HAHAHA and so I decided to make a meme of  both Cheryl (one of the managers) and Jocelyn (one of the video editors) :

HAHHAHA no , their conversation didn't really went like that but they were afraid that it'll break !

Happy Cheryl

Jocelyn getting back to the office and be like , "bye niggas happy photo taking , I'm not gonna stand under the hot blazing sun just for 1 stupid #ootd shot"

 Hahahaha but Jesslyn &
Cheryl really took so many shots for me , when I got home I saw like 300+ photos in one SD card lol madness !!!!! But Cheryl took some pictures that I found interesting so I made it into a GIF over here below :

I've no idea why I was happily scratching my neck and of course clueless on what I was saying to them . Probably things like , "eh why you take from that angle ?" OH WAIT YA I WAS PROBABLY ASKING CHERYL WHY SHE ZOOM IN TO MY FACE SO MUCH . YAYAYA HAHAHAHHA .

I was really sweating like mad because the weather's so stuffy ): Sigh SG weather these days ...

Trying to balance myself and happily indulging in bubble tea while Jesslyn takes photos of me . By the end of the day , we have mosquito bites all over -_________-

This shot wtf lol hahhahahha
We got back to office eventually .
That was the best place then since it's fully air conditioned annnnnnnnnnnnnd ring lights ! So I started taking pictures using my phone in front of one of the ring light with Jesslyn and Michelle (works for FFS) . But before anything else , unglams first :

My makeup already smudged , didn't even bother sticking back my falsies already HAHAHA . I'm sorry guys , this is the Chrysan you know and this is how she is even before you decide to read this space .


You've no idea how 
fucking lucky I am to have Jesslyn around whether or not as a manager or as a friend . To have someone to be there for me , giving me advices , guidance & support means everything to me .. Jesslyn will never hesitate to help me & sometimes she even help without me asking , she protects & defends for me if there's a need to & she's really just so supportive in what the things I choose to do . 
You've done more than
what a manager should Jesslyn , I love you


Makeup half gone already
still can take photos .... HAHAHA . Btw I photoshopped on my makeup for this picture only !!! I'm too vain I'm sorry . Gosh why do I always feel better after blogging !!!!! This is really my space man . Also I tweeted today that there are many places I wanna visit & so many things I want to doooooooooooooooooo . But no partner LOL ):
Anyway , 
the episode of 'Variety King' where I guest starred in with Lindsay is up on www.mousetraptv.com !!!
Please go and watch it hehe . I actually said "how do I date my boyfriend tonight" in the video because I got splashed with eggs & water sigh ): But HEY FUN FACT , I don't have a boyfriend ! They cut out OR the mic wasn't able to capture the fact that I said "no la actually no boyfriend" I think hahaha . 
Nvm I attach the video here for you all :
Hehe and please support My Lunch Wagon too ! 
That's my very own cafe hopping show with Lindsay & Alicia (: 
Lastly , I'm ending this blog post off with
my first and latest YouTube video featuring a giveaway ! The response wasn't that bad but I hope more people would join :
Ok I'm gonna go edit Father's Day
pictures now so I can blog about it later !!! Hehe