Thursday, 12 June 2014

Rainbow hair x Giveaway !

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Ok , wow . Here's the thing , 
J7IMAGE NEVER fails to surprise me every single time I get my hair done with them ! This time , they surprised me with what I thought would never be done to me , R A N B O W hair ♥ ! And since they've always been showering me with surprises and I've always received praises from you awesome attentive readers , I'm doing a giveaway ♥_♥ !!!!!

I've made a YouTube
video for it so watch it and you'll know how to win (SUPER EASY)
Also read till the end for MORE discount codes AND promotions ! Omg so many good stuffs for you guys this time round hahaha .

So that day I headed
down thinking it would just be touching up of my black hair roots or maybe a bit of trimming or something ... but in the end my awesome hairstylist , Jeft actually planned this hairstyle for me ♥ !!!! It is also one of my super rare times where I'm willing to have a haircut that would show a difference in length HAHAHA .

Look at the difference in length !!! 20CM difference omg or maybe even more !

Really love getting my hair
done with them ♥ They are always so fun and hyped up , being with them really lifts my mood and needless to say ,  their customer service is great . You'll be served with either coffee or tea along with some mini bites like chocolates or biscuits etc . 

That day I was like , 
"Wah so sian why biscuit not chocolate ): ?" HAHAHA BUT I EAT MY WORDS . The biscuit tasted so damn good LOLOL x: Also I know this is random but I love their tea ! So out of curiosity I asked Jeft if they added anything to the tea that I'm served with and they said it's a home-made recipe ! No wonder it tastes so good

Initially I was very reluctant to cut my hair but honestly , I'm glad I did . You'll know why later !

 Was so shocked with the colors !
I'm so thankful to be working with and sponsored by J7IMAGE where
a group of experienced and creative hairstylists work together to produce impressive hair art . I noticed my hairstylist always make sure everything is perfect and in place before the customer leaves and he puts in so much effort into creating & planning new hairstyles for me all the time ! Not to mention , he is also very meticulous with his work (: 
And so , whenever I get hungry
during the process of getting my hair done , I get to order food from this file & it'll be delivered to you ! That day I had ba chor mee hahaha :

Now you don't have to worry about starving in the salon , you can even order and eat there hahaha

 So here's my first VLOG
showing how I got my hair done with J7IMAGE that day including the giveaway ! :

As you can see , 
on the rainbow side there are the colors electric blue starting from the top (MAJOR LOVE THAT) , dark blue , green , ash grey , yellow & magenta at the bottom ! For the rest of my hair it is actually dark purple as base and a even darker purple on the top for a healthy look . I'm so impressed by how even to date , the colors are still as striking after so many washes ! (You can check out my Instagram to see) .

And like I said , I'm glad I
agreed to snippng off the last 20CM of my hair because the results of healthy hair WITHOUT treatment is INSTANT . My hair ends are soooooooooo much healthier ! After getting my hair done , I kept saying thank you to Jeft for his work and knowing that I'm petite , shorter hair would be better for me :D

I feel so flattered because
every now and then when I'm school or outside , somebody would come up to tell me my hair looks great and I'm just so thankful for that !

Thank you Jeft , for the amazing work always ♥ !

 Of course , their hard work paid off cuz check this out !!! :

So proud of you , J7IMAGE ♥ !!!
Picture taken that day at night :D

P/S : These batch of photos are actually taken after countless washes !


Like I said in the video above , 
I'm giving away TEN $50 vouchers *Chemical services only . 
Here's how to win :

1. Like the YouTube video HERE .
2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel . 
3. Comment on the YouTube video on what videos you want me to make in the future ALONG with your Instagram name AND email .

And that's it !
I would pick 10 lucky winners by 12th July 2014 & it'll be announced on my Instagram on the very same day . After which I would contact you guys via email and will mail it to all of you personally :D 

Please please join this giveaway okay ! 
Your chances of winning the vouchers are very high because I don't think anyone would join also la ... so yea hahahhaha PLEASE JOIN . And if somehow you missed this giveaway , you can always quote my name 'Chrysan' to receive 20% of all services at J7IMAGE

Also for GSS they're having this promotion :

So yeap ! 
I hope you enjoyed the video and this blog post :D 
Call 6735 5195 to book an appointment with J7IMAGE .

They are located at :
14 Scotts Road
#02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213
P/S: They are closed on the 7th of every month .

Follow them on Instagram @J7Image & like them on Facebook HERE
 For more information , check out their website at www.j7image.com