Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fashion In A City

It's a stay home Saturday for me
today since I've no plans and my right eye is hurting like a bitch right now ): .... Hopefully it'll recover by tomorrow so I can meet Lindsay T__T Just had my hair done yesterday too :D Love it now , will blog about it soon ! So anyway , last Saturday some of the Mousetrap girls and I were invited to the event , Fashion In A City's VIP and Media launch !

My outfit that day : 

Aviators : Rayban Leather Jacket : Topshop Bralet : H&M Jeans : Forever 21 Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell 

It was so funny
that morning because all of them woke up late except for me -__-" But the one who woke up the latest (Cherie) was actually the first to reach ! Hahaha , I headed down with Brenda though ! And Ellena the one who kept reminding us to be on time turns out to be the last one to reach with her boyfriend HAHAHA . That day would've been better with Lindsay ... But she was down with fever ):

Group shot without Ellena's BF ! Left to Right : Cherie , Brenda , Grace , me , Alicia and Ellena 

With Brenda 

Thank god I already touched up my ugly roots yesterday !

And super sweet !!! Ellena's BF helping her take her OOTD shots . Dear future boyfriend , please do the same for me hahahha
People taking pictures of the models O_O

And then ... US :D 

Ellena and her BF :D 

Alicia and Brenda loves the pie HAHAHA .
Though Ellena and I kept having them too x: hehe . We left after watching the fashion show and headed off to take our OOTDs and this happened :

HAHHAHA we all have very very
different styles I just realized . But seriously it was so funny hahaha the behind the scenes :

Obviously burst out laughing hahaha .

After that , 
Cherie headed home to sleep HAHA while we headed off to central to have lunch :D 

Most of us headed home after lunch ,
we stayed there for damn long just to talk hahaha . Love spending time with them ♥ ! However , I headed off to watch the NDP since my bro has the tickets :D Super happy I went to watch even though I was soooooo tired , cranky and carrying crazy amount of stuffs . Gonna blog about the NDP in the next post :D 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh , stay home Saturday . Hopefully it'll be 'fun' for me LOL . 
Enjoy your weekends guys ♥ !