Sunday, 20 July 2014

Midnight Blue ♥

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It's been about a week now since I last
visited J7IMAGE to get my hair done again ! Before I start talking about my new hair color , I've to say that the rainbow hair I had before was pretty sensational . I receive praises about my hair every single day whether online or  being approached by people in real life . And that's definitely not because they know me , but because they really like my hair ! Many thanks to my stylist , Jeft . He's so talented and never fails to deliver a new hairdo according to my liking ! 

So this time before I visited
the salon , I wanted something more 'tame' and not too catchy but still involve the kind of crazy colors that I like ! As usual , read till the end for discount codes and more ! Introducing you :

Midnight Blue

Arriving at the salon , 
my hair was a little dry and the colors are even brighter than when I first got it done due to the washes and I was really exhausted as I didn't had enough sleep ! But it's so comfortable over at J7 , especially the area where you get your hair washed & head massages along with the dim lights are perfect

Love their homemade tea ♥ - They'll serve you either coffee or tea along with snacks like this !

After checking out the condition of my hair , Jeft quickly got to work :D

Getting parts of my hair bleached ^^

The word , 'bleaching' 
used to sound so damn scary to me because it causes extreme damage to your hair . But ever since my hair was under the care of J7IMAGE , I'm not that afraid of bleaching anymore as they uses products that are a lot less damaging and they always handle my hair with so much care . The way a person handles your hair can really make a lot of difference !

Above , they used the pH balance spray
on my hair right after bleaching . It's a non chemical product , smells super nice and helps to achieve more manageable hair that is smooth , less dry and so much softer as seen below :D !

After bleaching my hair !

My stylist parted my hair and applied 3 types of 
dye : Midnight blue , plum and mix blue ! He did the free hand dying technique which doesn't involve the foils so as to allow the colors to mix slightly to produce a more natural look ^^ 

Anyway , fun fact ! The amount of time you allow the dye
to be on your hair is actually very important as each strand of our hair has 3 layers in which the first layer is where the hair dye can be washed off easily . Therefore , given sufficient amount of time for your hair to absorb the hair dye can be crucial because as long as the hair dye gets to the second layer of your hair , the colors wouldn't come off as easily ^^

Moisturizing my hair by using the nano mist machine :D

Sometimes I really like the hair washing process
because the hair shampoo is so minty and refreshing ♥ ! As usual , I love their soothing head massages :D So anyway , right after getting my hair cleaned up , Jian An (as seen above) did the nano mist treatment on me because it is actually the best time to receive hair treatments after coloring your hair !

After the nano mist treatment , 
I used the O3 machine as seen above which replenishes moisture . There's absolutely no discomfort as it is just steam and there's not heat :D I think I fell asleep shortly after that HAHAHHA . Also , they applied rose treatment oil on my hair which is a organic smoothing hair lotion that provides natural shine !

My hair felt so much smoother , silkier and my fingers
are able to run through my hair easily after receiving the treatments so tadaaaaaaaaaaaa !
Thank you for handling my hair with so much care , J7IMAGE
 That day , 
I noticed how all the stylists in J7IMAGE are patient with their customers during consultation . They are sooooooooo sincere as they listen to their customers telling them about the problems they have with their hair , providing solutions to target their problems and achieving the ideal hairstyle that they want . Hard work is indeed admirable (:
Thank you Jeft ♥ !

Love my hair so so much ♥ 
If you're visiting J7IMAGE to get your hair done , quote my name , 'Chrysan Lee' to receive 20% off all services there :D ! They are located at : 

14 Scotts Road
#02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213

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Ring them up at 6735 5195 to book an appointment with them now !!!! For more information , visit their website at www.j7image.com