Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Screaming to the world .

I'm tired of people asking for sex . Asking me to accompany them during event days . 
And worst things like , accompany them while they masturbate . I'm feeling so tired of receiving calls and texts from unknown people and expects me to entertain them . 

Some times , I feel so tired . And upset . 
Things happen at home , in school and conflicts starts between me and someone else . I really detest it . Gradually , I'm starting not to trust my family , and I can't face school . And I just wanna be alone with the people I want to be with .

Suddenly , I just feel that no one understands . And things start piling up ,
and I can't solve any of them . I'm running away from it instead of facing it . I wish that someone would just come and save me and tell me everything is gonna be alright .

Yiqing bbg would be coming over to my house tomorrow ♥
Wonder what surprise she wants to give me /: And I hope that someone stops drinking one day .