Thursday, 30 June 2011

My gems ♥

Didn't sleep since yesterday . 
Cause I'm so afraid to fall asleep since Yiqing bbg wanted to come over my house then ♥ . Big eye bags ):
Anyw , was really bored while waiting for her so I took a before and after make up picture using webcam ^.^ 



Awhile after that Yiqing bbg arrived at my house and we cabbed down to Bugis to meet Hongyi , Andy & co . Took alot of photos with them after that . Ate BK and went shopping with Yiqing & Lynn , after that went back to BK to meet my chiachia ♥ ! Soon after that Ayako baby came too ♥ 

Went to buy KOI together and went Pool fusion to find Andy & the others again .
Spending time with my loved ones last night is one of those nights that I wouldn't forget (:

Oh , btw I think Lynn laogong would look hot with Red lipstick .
So I edited one of her photo below (; 

I know my editing skills sucks but at least I did my best /: 

Not long later Lucas came (:
Swear I love both their hair ♥

 ( Rest of 100+ gay photos of theirs in my fb album Gems♥)

After awhile , Andy , Chiachia , Ayako baby , Lynn laogong , Daboy & me
cabbed over to cine & met up with Chiachia's friends to watch Transformers at around 1plus AM /: ? Though I slept at the last few parts of the movie , I still enjoyed spending time with my Gems ♥ .

 Cabbed home with Lynn laogong at around 5.30AM & started preparing for school once I reached home .
Didn't regret going to school today though I was really dead tired even till naooo . Limin & Dorothy had been great listening ears . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HOR ANG LI MIN ♥ .


SMOOVE's group photo on ROMP6 night ♥
Need tickets for events or interested to be a ticket distributor , contact me (;
Anyw , starving like hell naoo . Waiting for Joel to da bao food for me back home later ^^ 
Swear my brother , Jiangyao is fucking nice to me . Before he left home around an hour ago , he left two sticks in my room because he knew I was running out of cigg . 

Goodnight world ♥