Monday, 4 July 2011

Everything will remain the same .

Sometimes I feel that , no matter how much fun I have in a night ,
everything remains the same after that . It was just allowing me to smile for a few hours .

Few days ago , head down to town to meet up with Shamin , Beibei , Claire , Andy , Shane , Lynn , Lucas and their friends . Enjoyed spending time with them and had a super awesome talk with the girls . Took some photos and some of them left first . Still remembered how all of us made fun of the police man /: . 

Lucas' epic face ^^ 
Saw Celeste after that
My Lynn laogong ♥ 

After all had left , Claire , Lynn and me went to SCAPE and had hell lot's of fun ♥ ! 
Lynn went home while Claire and me went on to Scape's LAN to continue fb-ing and spamming . 
Went to Windsor hotel to find Shane after that ♥ (: 


 Went home to sleep in the morning , but before that went to Claire's house

to get her clothes and stuffs to my house (: ! We had very little sleep and woke up to prepare to head to CLUB SOUL ♥ . 

Headed out to Club Soul and met some other friends , Yiqing , Shamin , Shane , Lucas , Lynn , Peixin , Andy etc . Was kind of disappointed by my sales this time .... Hope I can hit more sales for the next SMOOVE event .
Went in Soul later in around 1 plus and had a lot of fun
After Soul went to mac with friends to eat and then slacked near Mac with them till 5 plus in the morning . 
Lynn and Claire came my house to stay over after that then . Saw my dad while I was omw home this morning . I feel that he hates me . Some how . 
Each time I hug him , he PUSHES me away . 
He SLAMS the door at me when I refuses to do something he wants me to . I feel so upset . 
Woke up just now because I saw a text and I immediately jumped out of bed . I felt so hurt , so helpless . What can I do to help the person ? I started crying , my hands got cold . I didn't know what to do , AT ALL . So upset ... Must happiness be traded ? This way ...? 
Sometimes I really dislike myself .