Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Heart felt words .

Claire attempted to wake me up this morning by constantly
shaking me on my bed /: . And tweeted me that's why I woke up and went to school even though I was late and arrived at 8.48 AM . Supposed to stand in front of the flag for 30 mins , but this v nice teacher helped me and released me 15 mins earlier . I was melting under the sun ): 

School today was normal for me . 
But home isn't . There's always problems there are unsolved . But I just refused to think about it . Not even for a while . I hate that feeling when my heart sank . That I'm useless and I couldn't do anything . But constant reminders from everyone just breaks me down , hard . Helpless and useless ... and it seems like my fault . Dearests , can you guys just tell me , what to do ?

Had webcam madness with my Lynn darling just now then (: 
DSLR photos would be uploaded tomorrow instead . Hope everything would be fine tomorrow and Yiqing bbg coming over to my house tomorrow .

Prolly gonna sleep soon , with my heart constantly beating so fast ...
I hope one day everything that I'm going through each day would just stop . And bring the pain to an ending . Tell me everything is gonna be alright .