Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tears never helps

 Went to school as usual this morning then , even though
I was extremely tired even though I slept @ 11plus last night & I wasn't late for school (: ! 

Here are some of the DSLR photos last night

Just recalled the SMOOVE MEGA KITTEN PARTY @ Powerhouse ♥ 
Here's a vid of it . Heh 

Went home straight after chinese intensive today . 
Gotta work hard but I just don't have the motivation . I felt that I really let my father and those people around me down a lot . Feel upset all the time when I think of it and each time I enter school . I always disappoint them . 

And recently I started thinking , have I not treated my friends well enough ? 
Friends , family . Sigh , I really feel so useless .. Kinda miss all my friends so badly now /: ..
Dad  is gonna be away from SG and leaving for china tomorrow with his girlf . He kissed me on my cheek before he left just now . Swear I love my dad fucking a lot . One more thing I learned today , Tears never helps , better to smile more than to crying and spend more time with your loved ones . We always only learn how to treasure the people around us until we know we're gonna lose them . I never want to experience this again after I've lost my mom .

Came across this quote today that I thought it was meaningful : 

"Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion."